Microsoft Imagine

As a member of Microsoft Imagine and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), Office of College Computing (OCC) is able to provide Microsoft Software to students and faculty at the College of Engineering and Applied Science. The intent of the program is to provide Microsoft tools and technologies to students and faculty at no cost, subject to the terms of the program.  The current agreement is valid through December 31, 2021. It is not guaranteed that the agreement will be renewed after that date.

Software Restrictions

Software is provided for instructional and non-commercial research use only. As a consequence, Microsoft Imagine does not provide Microsoft Office Professional. Please look at appropriate section below for obtaining Microsoft Office. 

Everyone is required to read terms and conditions of the End-User License Agreement: Microsoft Imagine EULA


Microsoft Office

The University of Cincinnati, now offers the Microsoft Office Professional suite as a free download to students via their Office 365 student e-mail account. As long as you are a student at the University of Cincinnati, you will be able to use the software free of charge. 

Below is step-by-step process for installing Microsoft Office Professional 2016 Student Edition: (Note: OCC Computer Labs use Microsoft Office 2016 Professional 64-bit edition)
Knowledge Base Arcticle: Microsoft Office 2016 Student Instructions.

Microsoft Imagine

Microsoft software is available to students who are currently enrolled in CEAS courses (regardless of major). While enrolled in these courses, students may download software to their personal laptop or personal desktop from Microsoft Imagine. Do not download the software to your OCC network account (download(s) will exceed student disk quotas).  The Featured Software Category available from Microsoft’s Imagine Web Store is limited to software available in OCC Labs.


Microsoft Office

For your University of Cincinnati owned computer, contact your departmental IT support staff.

Microsoft Office Work-at-Home Use on Personal Owned Computer:

Microsoft Office Work-at-Home is not available for faculty/staff at this time.  Work-at-home will become available again after UC migration to Microsoft Office 365. Migration date is too be determined. For latest information go to Microsoft Office Work-at-Home. (Click on Microsoft).

Microsoft Imagine

Microsoft software is also available to faculty who are currently teaching CEAS courses.  Faculty may download software to their personal laptop or personal desktop. Software cannot be installed on any University of Cincinnati owned computers. If you need software from Microsoft Imagine or other Microsoft Software not available through Imagine (MS Office Professional, Microsoft Windows, etc.) for your UC owned computer, contact your departmental IT support staff.

Accessing Imagine (Powered by Kivuto Solutions, Inc.)

When you enroll or teach in a CEAS course, you will receive an email from Kivuto Solutions, Inc. with instructions that will allow you to register and activate your account.  You will then be able to download software using their online License Management System (ELMS).  Kivuto Solutions, Inc. is a Microsoft partner who provides authentication, distribution of license keys, and record keeping for Microsoft Imagine downloads.  Your login ID will be your University of Cincinnati campus email address.  To download software, visit  CEAS Microsoft Imagine Web Store. When you download software, the ELMS system will provide you with a software license key for software activation (note: some downloads may not require a software license key to function).

Note: Microsoft has free software that is not available through Microsoft Imagine. Software can be acquired from Microsoft Download Center.

User Account Information

At the beginning of each term (7th day of class), a list of student/faculty e-mail addresses will be submitted to Microsoft Imagine ELMS.  No other information is submitted.

Students and Faculty will receive notification to access Microsoft Imagine within 48 hours of the list being submitted. If you were registered with Microsoft Imagine during a previous term and still meet Microsoft Imagine eligibility guidelines, you will not receive an email, and will be able to continue using your same login and password. If you do not meet Microsoft Imagine requirements, your account will be disabled.

Note: Subscribers to Microsoft Imagine will periodically receive email from If you use a spam filter, please add domains to your filter's whitelist if you wish to receive their email notifications.

For technical assistance with this service, please contact Microsoft Imagine Support.