2022 Robotics Competition

Welcome to a unique robotics competition sponsored by the University of Cincinnati College of Engineering and Applied Sciences where it is our goal to encourage more young people to explore Robotics, Engineering, Science and Technology 

Our competition seeks to test your team’s creativity in design, programming, robot construction, and presentation skills. This year your task is to Design and Program your robot to be used at the IECE Airport. We have all heard of flight delays due to crowded planes on the Tarmac awaiting to be moved, long lines for food and other items, and much more as people begin to travel again and there is not enough workers for all the tasks. 

This year we will be providing the floor to Teams. The layout will be standard for every school, this will allow you to focus on your robot design, interfacing with objects, and programming. The floor will consist of progressively harder tasks and complexity. On competition day your team will demonstrate how many tasks you can complete, and if you can repeat tasks up to the defined limit. 

We will have two floor options. For beginning teams we will have Snack attack, this robot in the IECE airport must move the snacks to the locations requested by the passengers. This will require the robot to remain in control of the object through turns and stop at designated locations. For Intermediate and Advanced Teams your floor is the IECE Airport Tarmac, your robot must interface with the planes to assist moving them to the gate, away from the gate, and positioning on the airport. In addition to the floor you will be provided with the planes so you can design an interface (way of connecting, disconnecting for the task) with your robot. 

About the competition

As a team (3 to 10 participants Maximum), your task is to not only build a robot but also build a way for your robot to interface with the assigned objects. Your team score will be based on the completion of tasks, the innovation of the interface with the objects, as well as the complexity of your robot programming/movements such as moving in curves versus straight lines, line following, and accuracy of placing your objects.

The robot should be built using only the parts from the Lego® Ev3/NXT or Mbot Kit, which has been or will be provided to each team as inventory allows. 

Tasks the robot must perform:

  • Robot must engage an object and move it to the designated spot. Points will be based on proximity to the end location
  • Robot must have a way to interface (connect, control, engage) the snack box or the airplane. The more innovative and useful the interface the higher the score. o Does the robot and interface keep control of the object?
  • Can object be accurately placed in final location?
  • Is object pushed, grabbed, picked up etc.?
  • Does the object remain safe and undamaged by the interface?
  • Is the interface reliable and repetitively complete the tasks?
  • Complexity of programming o When reaching a location, does robot move in straight lines and 90 degree turns, or arcs and curves?
  • Can the robot accurately repeat the task with relatively the same outcome?
  • If possible, does the robot sense boundaries or follow a line?
  • Are there long delays between movements and turns? Or are adjustments efficient and quick
  • Does the robot use sensors as appropriate to improve accuracy and safety for our Airport Passengers?

Teams will be given 10 minutes to complete their tasks, show the robot interface, and earn points by repeating tasks. All movements must be programmed, remote control of the robot is not allowed.

Points will be awarded for the following:

  1. Robot functions/actions – Did robot perform tasks and the accuracy? Were results reproducible?
  2. Interface – Is the robot able to control, release, and interact with the objects to complete tasks, remain in control and keep items/people safe?
  3. Innovation – will be judged and awarded points on how the robot completes the tasks and interfaces with the objects
  4. Team Presentation – Explain your design and process: Why did you choose elements? What challenges did you have? What research did you conduct? How did you use information? What design changes did you make along the way and why? Why did you program or uses sensors? What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them? Teams can use Powerpoint, to show pictures, images, and examples of your process. This is the time to show how and why your team designed things.

Teams – will be able to contact PhD, MS and BS educators and professionals at University of Cincinnati College of Engineering– regarding robot programming, functions, and considerations in floor design. There may be a limited amount of student coaches, this is dependent upon availability, if interested please indicate this on the registration and have


Teams will be awarded for Total Points, Innovation, Robot performance, and Team Presentation for Beginner and Intermediate/Advanced level. 

All students who participate will be recognized for their participation. 

Venue Information

This year the event will be held at the University of Cincinnati College of Engineering and Applied Science Clifton Campus. Due to Covid restrictions only Coaches and Team members may be present at the competition. Teams will remain in “Pods” as a school/team with a room for you to prepare for the event, eat, and socialize.

  • Per UC guidelines all individuals MUST wear a facial covering when in buildings
  • We will have large meeting areas for our announcements, gatherings and more but will limit time in these locations.
  • Lunch will be provided, and teams will be encouraged to eat in their team rooms.
  • Parking validation will be provided upon the event completion

All efforts will be made to hold the event in person. University of Cincinnati will monitor COVID Cases and if deemed necessary may make changes to prevent community spread. This may include such things as limiting time on campus, submitting entries virtually, or other options to limit contact but still fulfill our goals of the competition. Please continue to practice Safe COVID Practices and do your part to keep numbers down.