Emerging Ethnic Engineers (E3) Mentoring Program

The E3 mentoring program is meant to pair faculty members with E3 students in order to provide students with mentorship in career exploration, goal setting, and other professional development.

Mentorship Planning and Requirements

If an assigned faculty mentor is not a part of your scholarship requirements, your E3 coach will assist you with identifying a mentor. Your E3 coach will have access to a list of potential mentors, but you may also identify your own mentor with guidance from your E3 coach. Selecting a mentor outside your department/college is strongly encouraged, but not required.

In order to successfully complete the mentoring experience, all of the below requirements must be fulfilled, including: 

  • Mentor Selection with guidance from E3 coach
  • Mandatory Mentoring Documents (Mentoring Agreement Contract, signed Mentoring Log & Assessment, Student Reflection)
  • Completion of twenty-five hours of mentoring activities 

Each of these requirements are explained in further detail below. 

Mandatory Mentoring Documents

All students must complete a Mentoring Agreement Contract, signed Mentoring Log & Assessment, and a Student Reflection. The Mentoring Log & Assessment and student reflection forms can be accessed via Canvas.

Mentoring Agreement Contract

The Mentoring Agreement Contract must be completed collaboratively with your mentor and must be approved by your E3 coach prior to you starting your mentorship. This contract outlines the specifics of the mentoring experience, including how the student and mentor will interact and spend their time with one another. Mentoring Agreement Contracts must be signed by both the mentor and the mentee prior to submission.

Signed Mentoring Log & Assessment

Students must complete the Mentoring Log as they complete the mentoring experience. This log tracks the activities, dates, and durations of mentoring activities completed by the student. At the completion of the mentoring experience, the student and the mentor will sign the Mentoring Log. In addition, the mentor will offer a short assessment regarding the E3 student.

The mentoring log will be supplied once your Mentoring Agreement Contract has been approved. 

Student Reflection

After completing the mentoring experience, students will complete a reflection paper about their experience. This reflection paper must be submitted to and approved by their E3 coach prior to the attainment of activity points. The reflection paper should address the following:

  • Mentoring Log Discrepancies: In this section of the paper, students should address any discrepancies between the Mentoring Agreement Contract and the Mentoring Log. Students should identify the differences and provide a brief explanation of such deviations from the plan. 
  • Describe Your Mentoring Experience: What did mentoring actually look like for you? In a minimum of two double-spaced pages, describe the major activities in your mentoring experience and your observation of your mentor's institution. 
  • Identify Your Major Takeaways: Use this section of your reflection to consider what you gained from your mentorship. In a minimum of two double-spaced pages, identify your takeaways and how they are relevant to you and your future career. 

Mentoring Activity Completion

As part of the mentoring experience, students will complete 20 hours worth of mentoring activities, listed below. If the student wishes to complete activities out of these guidelines, they must receive permission from their E3 coach prior to participating in the activities. The student and mentor will thoroughly plan which activities the student will participate in, as reflected in the Mentoring Agreement Contract. In addition, the students will keep track of their completed activities, dates, and durations on the Mentoring Log. The student may complete their 20 hours by completing the following mentoring activities: 

  • Receive feedback from your mentor
  • Participate in a structured discussion with your mentor
  • Review career goals with your mentor
  • Attend a lab meeting
  • Shadow your mentor

For the Mentor

E3 mentors are greatly appreciated and serve an important role in the E3 experience. The following guidelines pertain to mentor responsibilities:

  • The mentor should collaborate with the student on the mentorship agreement contract, and the mentor must sign the contract. 
  • Upon completion of the mentorship experience, the mentor must review, sign, and complete the assessment portion of the Mentoring Log & Assessment and must submit the forms to the E3 coach