Engineering Success Pathway

Brand new this year, the Inclusive Excellence & Community Engagement team launched The Engineering Success Pathway (ESP) program. Designed with three primary goals in mind, ESP is intended for incoming students to prepare for college life both inside the classroom and out. 


  • To review the important university resources
  • To address the academic rigor of a CEAS student
  • To create a community of First Generation & Exploratory/Pre-Engineering scholars


As a student in the Engineering Success Pathway program, several opportunities are available to you including:  

  • CEAS Summer M.A.T.H (Mastering Academics Through Healthy Habits): The a week-long program that prepares students for their 1st semester math course. We understand how math can be a challenge for so many people! During this program students who identify as women and/or racially, ethnically diverse will be introduced to techniques and concepts that will increase their preparedness and strengthen their math skills. If this program sounds like the right resource for you, we encourage you to apply!
    • July 11th-15th: Summer MATH (Mastering Academics Through Healthy Habits) Program
    • June 8th, 5pm CEAS M.A.T.H Q&A
  • CEAS Engineering Success Pathways: The week-long program is designed for first generation students to gain skills needed to thrive in college. All students going through the educational journey have a lot of questions but coming from a first-generation family, you may find yourself seeking out additional support. If so, we invite you to register for this program completely focused on making sure first-generation students feel prepared to start this new journey.


Headshot of Kelsi Goins

Kelsi Goins

Executive Director of Inclusive Excellence and Community Engagement