Engineering Success Pathway

Brand new this year, the Inclusive Excellence & Community Engagement team launched The Engineering Success Pathway (ESP) program. Designed with three primary goals in mind, ESP is intended for incoming students to prepare for college life both inside the classroom and out. 


  • To review the important university resources
  • To address the academic rigor of a CEAS student
  • To create a community of First Generation & Exploratory/Pre-Engineering scholars

Upcoming Activities

  • Question and Answer Session June 1, 2020 4:30 pm via WebEx. To sign up for the Q&A session, email Email Corrine Witherspoon

Summer Events

College Readiness Seminar

Learning how to succeed and thrive in in college is important to gaining an understanding of life at UC. Each week, the College Readiness Seminar will expose ESP students to support offices on campus. Weekly sessions begin June 16 through July 28, 2020 and additional sessions with Corporate Sponsors such as GE, Ethicon, P&G & Marathon will occur on Fridays at 1:00 pm

Other Opportunities

As a student in the Engineering Success Pathway program, several opportunities are available to you including:  

  • Students who complete the IECE Math Assessment and the Summer Readiness Seminars will be eligible for Fall Math Collaborative Learning courses (FREE) 
  • CEAS students are eligible for additional Scholarships and will be assigned a success coach for the fall semester
  • Students interested in taking English over the summer (FREE) can take the course from July 6-August 21, 2020. Seats for the course are limited.


Headshot of C.J. Witherspoon, M.Ed.

C.J. Witherspoon, M.Ed.

Assistant Director-Retention & Strategic Initiatives, Inclusive Excellence & Strategic Retention

610E Old Chem