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Summer STEM Bridge Program

Summer Bridge is a seven-week residential program that enhances academic preparedness for your freshman year! Scholars participate in a series of student success activities and programs.

Program Objectives

  • Assist students in developing critical thinking skills for selfassessment in identifying their strengths and needed areas of improvement as related to their academic and professional development.
  • Build a community of learners with the goal of academic excellence by preparing students for the expectations and requirements of the engineering curriculum.
  • Facilitate student acclimation to college life for a successful transition from high school to college.
  • Introduce students to prospective co-op employers through annual field trips to GE Aviation, Johnson & Johnson's Ethicon, Inc., Procter & Gamble, and the Kroger Co.
  • Provide students with professional development skills and a connection to E3 alumni through interaction with industry partners.


June 17-August 4, 2023

The biggest thing gained was the sense of collaboration they created between the cohorts of students. Most schools try their hardest to break each student with 'weed out’ courses and rigorous workload, but the summer program emphasized that as Underrepresented Minority Students we need to quit competing with each other and utilize our biggest resource.

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