General Education/BoK

You may follow either this set or an alternate set of General Education/BoK rules if you are graduating after Summer 2012 found  at this link:

College of Engineering and Applied Science General Education Requirements

For All Engineering & Computer Science Majors 
For All Graduating Classes From 2006 Onward
(Where the Computer Science credit hours differ from those of Engineering programs, the CS credit hours are shown in square brackets.)

To satisfy the General Education Breadth of Knowledge (BoK) requirements of the University as well as the spirit of the traditional Humanities and Social Science requirements mandated by ABET, you must choose your BoK courses with the following constraints applied:

  1. You must take at least 4 BoK courses, one each in 4 of the following 5 areas:
    1. Fine Arts
    2. Historical Perspectives
    3. Humanities
    4. Literature
    5. Social Sciences
  2. You should take at least 2 additional BoK courses, one in each of the following 2 areas:
    1. Diversity & Culture (DC)
    2. Social & Ethical Issues (SE)
    3. If you do not take courses to satisfy either DC or SE, then you must have an approved qualifying experience as a substitute.
  3. The above courses must total at least 24 [45 for CS 2011 and earlier; 30 for CS 2012 and later] credit hours. Note that qualifying experiences do not carry any credit hours.
  4. There must be at least 6 [12 for CS 2011 and earlier; 9 for CS 2012 and later] credit hours that are upper level as a part of the above courses. Upper level courses are defined as either:
    1. the third or higher course in a language sequence such as FREN 113, GRMN 103 or SPAN 106
    2. a course at the 300 level or higher, such as PHIL 322.
  5. No courses required specifically on your Curriculum Check Sheet may be counted in the 24 [45 for CS 2011 and earlier; 30 for CS 2012 and later] credit hours of Gen Ed BoK courses unless so indicated on that sheet.

Your Curriculum Check Sheet for your program contains course slots listed as either H/S or BoK. These are simply different notations for the same thing. Those slots are to be filled using the courses described above. Those courses are to be chosen from the areas approved for BoK at: by clicking on BoK Coding and choosing a course that has an "F" in the desired area or chosen from the UC Gen Ed booklet. Courses that are essentially similar in content such as 30 GRMN 101 and 15 GRMN 101 may not both be taken for separate credit.

The remaining requirements of the Gen Ed program are automatically met by the requirements of your College of Engineering and Applied Science program and therefore are not discussed here.