Faces of CEAS

The past. The present. Our future.

They are the individuals who define us. Together, we push to the next plateau of innovation, we improve the human condition, and we make a difference in the world.


Whitney Gaskins, PhD

Assistant Dean of Inclusive Excellence & Community Engagement

Assistant Dean of Inclusive Excellence & Community Engagement Dr. Whitney Gaskins took a winding path to become the educator she was always meant to be.

Lynn Bolender

B.S. Aerospace Engineering
M.S. Aerospace Engineering

Alumna Lynn Bolender is now a Fleet Program Manager for the GE 90 at GE Aviation and a strong advocate for young women in STEM. 

Chris Hersman

B.S. Electrical Engineering

Alumnus Chris Hersman serves as the lead mission systems engineer for NASA's New Horizons Mission to Pluto and beyond.

Costina Luc   

Biomedical Engineering '18

Fifth-year student Costina Luc looks forward to using her biomedical engineering skills in medical school.   

Michael Alexander-Ramos, PhD

Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Alexander-Ramos combines many fields to make transportation more fuel efficient. At UC, he has the freedom to explore his interests in new areas, like aerospace engineering.

Zoe Lee 

Mechanical Engineering Major '20, Astrophysics & Philosophy Minors

Third-year student Zoe Lee married her passions for engineering and astronomy on her path to becoming an astronaut.

Austin Allison

B.S. Architectural Engineering
B.S. Construction Management

Alum Austin Allison, founder of Dotloop, discusses his time at the University of Cincinnati and the impact it had on his journey as an entrepreneur.

Yuan Yuchan (Lotus)

B.S. Electrical Engineering '18

Joint Cooperative Institute student Yuchan Yuan encourages future JCI students to have an open mind and to work with others to solve engineering and other problems.

Alexia Gaines

Electrical Engineering '19

When she was given the opportunity to study abroad, fourth-year student Alexia Gaines saw firsthand what engineering looked like and how it could bridge cultures.

Isaac Daffron

Electrical Engineering ACCEND '19

Fourth-year student Isaac Daffron chose UC because of, you guessed it, the co-op program. However, he has found many other things that he loves to do as a college student.

Joseph Rayho

Aerospace Engineering '18

A natural leader, Joseph Rayho has been dreaming of Aerospace Engineering since he was a kid.  With hard work, engaging faculty and a Co-Op program like no other, Joseph is making his dream a reality.

Kaitlin Stock

Mechanical Engineering '18

Kaitlin Stock always thought she was going to follow in her dad's footsteps into Civil Engineering, but has blazed her own path into Mechanical Engineering. After her 2018 graduation, she accepted a position at Siemen's PLM software as a Software Development Engineer.

Alex Branscome

Civil Engineering '18

With co-op experiences to help discover his passion, Alex Branscome dreams of bringing fresh water infrastructures to less fortunate parts of the world.

Jia Feifan (Tom)

Electrical Engineering '18

Tom is an electrical engineering graduate and a part of the University of Cincinati's Joint Co-op Institute with Chongqing University. He found is specific interest during his co-op experiences and is going on to graduate school.

Feng Yuwei (Vivi)

Mechanical Engineering '18

Feng Yuwei saw an advertisement for the JCI program at the University of Cincinnati, and after taking the leap and loving her time at UC, she is on her way to graduate school. She also has advice for future JCI students.

Kristin McArthur

Architectural Engineering '18

Architectural Engineering student Kristin McArthur merged art and engineering into her degree and co-op experiences. The result? A full-time job offer before she graduated.