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If you have questions regarding any of the courses offered in the Wood Technology Program or need help finding/registering for courses, contact Mark Costello by email or phone any day between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m.

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(513) 871-5456

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(513) 556-6567

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Program Coordinator, Wood Technology Program

(513) 556-6580

Wood Shop Address

University of Cincinnati
College of Engineering & Applied Science
Wood Technology Program
2220 Victory Parkway,  Room 010
Cincinnati, Ohio  45206

For Wood Technology courses currently offered, visit UC's OneStop website in the discipline CBMK (Cabinet and Furniture Making).

All Wood Technology courses meet Breadth of Knowledge Requirement (BoK) in the distribution area of Fine Arts (FA).  UC's GenEd program assures "exposure to the traditional disciplines that are the hallmark of a liberally educated person".