Community Paramedicine Gallery

Four people stand outside in a parking lot, looking at a sport utility vehicle with emergency lights on top. The vehicle is labeled "Colerain Fire and EMS"

Colerain Township EMS vehicle

several dozen people sit and stand in a large meeting room with high ceilings and gray carpet. Rows of people are seated in plastic and metal chairs, facing to the left of the photo

Seminar attendees

A view of the front of a large brick building with white trim and a tower in the middle and a two-bay garage. Two emergency vehicles are visible in the parking lot

City of Monroe Fire Department

A man and a woman in professional dress sit at a table at the front of what appears to be a church. There are stained glass windows visible to the right and behind the tables.

Panel members at a seminar

An older man with white hair, in a white polo and black pants stands next to a gurney with a life-size manikin on it

An instructor with a manikin

A middle aged man in a white short sleeved dress shirt, black tie and pants, and silver badge, standing in front of an indoor pool

CEAS is fortunate to have many instructors who are also professionals in the field

a couple dozen people are seated in free standing chairs in an auditorium watch a display on a large screen at the front of the room. There are red curtains on the wood stage behind the projector screen. There is a speaker at the front of the room in black and a green scarf

Seminar attendees watch a demonstration

A few dozen people in casual dress are seated in wooden chairs in what appears to be a meeting room. There is a empty panel of conference chairs at desks at the front of the room. THere is also a speaker standing at the front talking to the audience, with a projector screen to his left displaying an unidentifiable image

Community members at a seminar

Several rows of people are seated in a meeting room, watching a speaker at a podium at the front of the room. There is a large tv with an image that reads "City of Monroe" on it.

A presentation in Monroe

A man stands in front of a couple of tables at the front of a church. There are several rows of people seated in the audience, facing him.

A seminar in the community

a middle aged man in a blue polo shirt,  glasses stands next to a gurney, on which lays a manikin

Mark Johnston and a manikin at a seminar

a middle aged man in glasses and  a dark blue polo sits at a table with a laptop in front of him. There is a monitor behind him on a podium, displaying data. There are also some sort of electronic leads on the table. Another  middle aged man stands next to the podium.

An instructor demonstrates equipment

Three middle aged men and one young woman stand outside behind a white sport utility vehicle that has a "quick response team" decal above the bumper

A Quick Response Teams showcases their vehicles at an event

a large gray device that seems to be a few feet tall. Its body is composed of an arrowhead shaped base,  a vertical cylindrical body, and a monitor mounted on top, with a what appears to be a pair of binoculars on top of the monitor

Emerging technologies are demonstrated at seminars

Two middle aged men stand next to a white sport utility vehicle labeled "Colerain Police"

Colerain Police show their vehicle at a seminar

four middle aged men in shirts and ties stand in front of a stone wall inside a building.

Community professionals serve as instructors and mentors

a large red and white hook and ladder truck sits outside a brick building with a white columned entrance

A City of Monroe Fire Department truck

a middle aged man in a blue polo shirt,  glasses stands next to a gurney, on which lays a manikin. about a dozen people sit in front of him, watching.

An instructor demonstrates techniques on a manikin

a couple dozen people sit in an amphitheatre style classroom, in swivel chairs, watching a female speaker at the front of the room. There is a slide on the projector screen behind her; it reads, "prescreening for drugs"

A presentation on drug screenings

a PowerPoint slide that indicates "do not be afraid to fail. It states a Michael Jordan quote about succeeding by failing over and over.

A slide from a Colerain presentation