Continuing Education

We are indebted to our speakers and contributors for a strong and expanding series of video based programs  that help to assist in the continuing education of fire & EMS professionals.

  • Ohio Firefighters: earn CE credit with approval of Fire Chief or approved Charter Program Director, per Ohio Adm. Code 4765-20 
    • Questions: Doug Orahood, Ohio EMS Board – Fire Coordinator, 614-752-3960)
  • Ohio EMS: earn EMS credit with approval of your Medical Director or EMS CE Instructor, certified per OAC 4765-9-02

March 14, 2018 - Community Paramedicine Seminar

  • Interview with Shana Merrick (video), Director of Adolescent & Prevention Services, Addiction Services Council, and member of Colerain TWP Quick Response Team
    • Contact: 513-281-7880 or

March 12, 2018 - Community Paramedicine Seminar
Presenters: CP Panel and QRT Panel 

  • CP Panel video
  • Quick Response Team Panel video

2018 News Coverage

  • Ohio BWC Safety Congress - Mock Trials: EMS Report Writing; Social Media (March 9, 2018) 
  • UC News article on UC Community Paramedicine seminar  (March 12, 2018)
  • "Social Media / Need For a Policy" - Ohio Township Association, Winter Conference (Feb. 2, 2018) 

2017 News Articles

  • HIPAA handout by Lawrence Bennett for Chiropractor CE seminar (Dec. 2, 2017) 
  • "Social Media - The Need To Adopt A Policy" article by Lawrence Bennett in Ohio Township News (Nov. 2017)

November 3, 2017 seminar: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Drones)


  • Larry Bennett
  • Kelly Cohen
  • Doug Daniels
  • Steve Schueler
  • Tom Black

March 16, 2017 seminar: Community Paramedicine - Colerain Township's Quick Response Teams

  • Assistant Fire Chief Will Mueller, UC Fire Science Adjunct 

August 10, 2016 Seminar: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Drones) for Emergency Responders

  • Kelly Cohen
  • Manish Kumar
  • David Feil-Seifer
  • Dudley Smith
  • Darren Price
  • James (Doug) Daniels 
  • Tom Lakamp
  • Cindy Striley 
  • Jeff Childers 

News Coverage 2016

A white quad copter drone, labeled "MobileComm:", and its white controller sit on a beige table.

MobileComm EMS Drone

a long, white firetruck-like vehicle with two tall antennas sticking out the back sits outside a building in a parking lot on a cloudy day

Hamilton County Incident Command Center

A view from the back of a large amphitheatre classroom is filled with adults in business casual dress, many in EMS and law enforcement uniform. They are all sitting facing the presenter at the front of the classroom

Over 125 attendees at the seminar in 2016

March 24, 2016: Community Paramedicine Seminar


  • Lisa Connor, Internal Training Coordinator, Talbert House
  • Jennifer S. Bieger, Senior Manager, United Way
  • Kurt L. Reiber, President & CEO, Freestore Foodbank

October 11, 2014 Seminar & Simulcast (6 hours)

  • Welcome: Larry Bennett, UC Fire Science 
  • Hosts:  Megan Gresham, Tim  McGowan, Maple Knoll Village Retirement Center
  • Keynote Speaker: State Senator Bill Seitz 
  • Deanna Harris, Ohio Board Of Emerg. Medicine & Transportation
    • Deanna Harris 
  • Panel Discussion:
    • Cincinnati Fire Department (District Chief Cedric Robsinson)
    • ColerainTownship Fire Department (Captain Will Mueller)
    • Springfield Township Fire Department (Fire Chief Rob Leininger)
    • Jeanne Wallman, Council On Aging Of SW Ohio
      • Jeanne Wallman
  • Debie Sampsel, Robots & New Technology To Help Aging
  • Buck McAlpin, North Memorial Hospital, MN
    • McAlpin 
    • Buck McAlpin 
    • Buck McAlpin
  • Fishers FD, IN (EMS Division Chief Steve Davison;  Lt. Josh Mehling) 
  • Panel Discussion: SW Ohio Fire Chiefs 
    • Cincinnati Fire Chief Richard Braun 
    • City of Monroe Fire Chief John Centers
    • Deerfield Township Fire Chief Chris Eisele
    • Miami Township Fire Chief Steve Kelly
    • Springfield Township Fire Chief Rob Leininger
  •  Steve Davison 

February 17-21, 2014: One Week Residency Course  
Location: Station 58, Deerfield Township Fire & Rescue

  •  Keynote Speaker:  Bill Raynovich, Creighton University, Omaha, NE  

News Coverage

Dr. William Lovett comments on NFPA 1582 (2013) - FF Stress Tests (Feb. 26, 2014) 

Community Paramedicine - Social Services  (3 hours)
September 27, 2013
(seminar not video recorded)

  • Sean Burton, MedStar, Ft. Worth, Texas (via Skype)  
  • Suzanne Burke, CEO, Council on Aging of SW Ohio 
  • Chief John Donahue, Delaware FD 
  • Bill Raynovich, EdD/Paramedic, Creighton University, Omaha, Nebraska 
  • FD homework - frequent 911 elderly callers 

Community Paramedicine - Best Practices (6 hours)
July 12, 2013 

  • Welcome: Congressman Brad Wenstrup 
  • Welcome:  Hamilton County Commisssioner Chris Monzel 
  • Gary Wingrove, North Central EMS Institute, St. Paul, Minnesota
    •  Wingrove PowerPoint slides
  • Michael Bachman, Wake County EMS (Raleigh), North Carolina
    • Bachman PowerPoint slides 
  • Fire Chief Danny Kistner, McKinney, Texas (via Skype)
  • Fire Chief Richard Braun, Cincinnati FD 
    • Braun PowerPoint slides 
  • Michael Kroger, Emergency Responders In Need; Assistant Fire Chief (ret), Cincinnati FD 
    • Kroger PowerPoint slides 
  • Tonda Francis, Greater Cincinnati Health Council - proposed Cincinnati Sobering Center 
  • James Alexander, Engagement Center at Maryhaven, Columbus, OH 
  • First panel discussion
  • Captain Alan Matteson, City of Delaware FD 
  • Service Coordinator Marilyn Adams, Council For Older Adults, Delaware, OH 
  • Assistant Fire Chief Dan Mack, Miami Township FD - Fall Protection For Elderly 
  • Sergeant Jennifer Sharp, Colerain Township PD 
  • Laurie Petrie, Council on Aging of SW Ohio 
  • Rebecca Lee, PhD, UC College of Nursing 
  • Second panel discussion
  • Fire Chief Robert Leininger, Springfield Township FD, President of Hamilton County Fire Chiefs Association 

March 27, 2013 - Community Paramedicine Kick-off 

October 11, 2013 - Firefighter Cardiac Arrest Seminar (1 Hour)
UC Medicine & Environmental Health

  • Video of seminar
  • Denise L. Smith, PhD - PowerPoint slides from lecture on cardiac arrest 
  • Dr. Smith's biography and contact information 

June 6, 2013 - Best Practices in EMS Administration and Leadership (6 hours)
UC Fire Science new courses and professors, Fall, 2013

  • Welcome: Larry Bennett, Program Chair, Fire Science & Emergency Management 
  • Presenters
    • Richard Braun - Foundations of EMS & Community Paramedicine (20 FST 3043)
    • Brian Carlson - Management of Transport Service (20 FST 3049)
    • Jayson Dunn - EMS Communications & IT (20 FST 3046)
    • Ryan Gerecht, Kay Vonderschmidt - EMS Education (20 FST 3045)
    • Michael Hayes - EMS Special Operations (20 FST 3048)
    • Mark Johnston - EMS Community Risk Reduction (20 FST 3042)
    • Steve Kelly - EMS Risk Management & Safety (20 FST 3040)
    • Mark Ober, Mark Kissling - EMS Finance (20 FST 3050)
    • Scott Souders - Analytical Approaches to EMS (20 FST 3051)
    • Patrick Strausbaugh - EMS Public Information & Community Relations (20 FST 3042)
    • Alan "Chip" Terry - Leadership in Fire & EMS (20 FST 3044)
    • Leah Bromen - guest speaker - Using "Go To Meeting" In Teaching
    • Dave Moore - guest speaker - Africa Fire Mission 

Jan. 10, 2013 - EMS LEGAL & POL. ISSUES (20 FST 3093) - MINI RESIDENCY (3 hours)

  • Fire Chief Richard Braun, Cincinnati Fire Department - Implementing Best Practices in EMS 
  • Dr. Donald Locasto, UC Medical School and Medical Director, Cincinnati Fire Department and other FDs - Quality Assurance 
  • LTC Jeff Corcoran, Assistant Chief of Police, University of Cincinnati - Mass Shootings: Planning and Response Issues for Fire and EMS 
  • Paramedic Mark Johnston, The Christ Hospital - AEDs - Project Heart Restart 
  • Randy Johann, EMS Coordinator - Bethesda North Hospital - Use of Pediatric and Adult Simulators and Hiring of Paramedics

March 5, 2012 - Mock Trial - Deerfield Township Fire and Rescue (2-hour video)

  • Hypothetical EMS Run report used in Mock Trial 
  • Actual case decision, July 26, 2011 in Blair v. Columbus Division of Fire, 2011-Ohio-3648
  • Cincinnati Fire Chief Richard Braun, discussing Columbus FD; seminar at UC Medical College's EMS Midwest Conference, Great Wolf Lodge, Mason, OH

September 2011 - Trauma and Emergency Responders: Lessons from War 

Col. Kathy Platoni, US Army Reserve (4 tours of Afghanistan & Iraq; at Ft. Hood, TX day of shootings); psychologist and member of SW Ohio Critical Incident Stress Management Team.

  • 10 Tough Facts About Combat 
  • Guidelines: What Do Partners/Relatives Say & Do After The Vet Returns From Deployment? 
  • The War Room

June 27, 2011  Homeland Security Seminar

  • Larry Bennett, Program Chair, UC Fire Scence 
  • Bill Kramer, UC Emeritus Professor (former Director, UC Fire Science) 
  • Steve Recca, Center For Homeland Defense & Security
  • Jack Parow, President, International Association of Fire Chiefs 
  • Richard Braun, Fire Chief, Cincinnati Fire & Rescue
  • William ("BJ") Jetter, Fire Chief, Sycamore Township
  • Randy Hanifen, Lt. Westchester Township FD and Ohio Task Force 1
  • Brian Canteel, Colonel, US Army NORTH 
  • Mike Collier, Eastern Kentucky University

January 2011   "Lieutenant Sleeping it off at the station": Video of Mock Drinking/FD Suspension 

  • Drinking scene, police traffic stop, sleeping off at station, suspension 
    • Thank you to Rob Hogeland, Dayton FD, who plays role of Lieutenant  drinking at bar, and pulled over on his motorcycle; Fire Chief Bill Kramer, Deerfield Township Fire Rescue (retired), who plays role of Fire Chief suspending the Lt.; and firefighter Larry White, Forest Park FD, who plays role of IAFF Local President.
  • Firefighters, others sharing about alcohol
  • Fire Chief Trish Brooks, Forest Park FD and Larry Bennett - IAFC's 8-hour policy 
  • IAFC: Zero-Tolerance for Alcohol & Drinking in the Fire and Emergency Service
  • 2014 Update:  Spring, 2014 - EMERGENCY RESPONDERS IN NEED (ERIN) cont. educ. presentation to Dayton FD 
    • Thanks to Rob Hogeland, now Captain with Dayton FD, the FD held a continuing education program on alcohol and other drug abuse, and authorized UC Fire Science to share the presentations.
    • PowerPoint slides assembled by Captain Hogeland for use by ERIN - October 2014

November 2010: Homeland Security & Emergency Management     

  • Introduction - Larry Bennett and Dr. Awatef Hamed
  • Fire Chief (Ret.) Bill Kramer, PhD
  • Chief Ober & Chief Whitworth
  • Chief B.J. Jetter, PhD
  • Joe Clark, PhD, UC Medical Dept. of Neurology
  • Carolyn Vining, UC-Clermont Paramedic Prog. & Randy Johann, Bethesda North Hospital. Trauma Svcs
  • Russ McMahon, UC-CEAS Cyber Security
  • Randy Hanifen, Ohio Task Force 1
  • Brian Canteel, Manager HAZMAT Center - Rescue & Safety
  • Mike Hayes, Chief Cincinnati/No. Kentucky International Airport
  • Nathan Bromen, CFO/EFO
  • Chief Trish Brooks
  • Wrap-Up with Larry Bennett & Trish Brooks

June 2010 Photoelectric v. Ionization Smoke Alarms 

New:  Oct. 15, 2013 - PowerPoint presentation slides by Dean Dennis to Allied Construction Industries, with Prof. Larry Bennett 

  • Welcome - Larry Bennett
  • Dean Dennis, Doug Turbull (each lost a daughter in off campus fires)
  • Dr. Don Russell (Texas A&M; scientific experiments)
  • Captain Russell Ashe (Barre, VT Fire Department; tragic fire)
  • Forum discussion:
    • Fire Chief BJ Jetter, Sycamore TWP FD
    • Assistant Fire Chief Craig Best, Anderson TWP FD
    • Captain Mark Walsh, Colerain TWP FD
  • Materials to complement the video presentations:
    • Smoke Detectors Seminar 
    • Smoke Detectors Position 

June 2010: DNR ORDERS – Ohio State Bar Association 

April 2010: QUICK CLEAR LAW – Ohio State Bar Association 

March 2010: STOPPING FOR EMERGENCY VEHICLES - Ohio State   Bar Association 


  • Objectives 
  • Hypothetical EMS Run Report 
  • Ohio Court of Appeals decision

July 2009  Firefighter Cancers and Wellness (2.5 Hours)

Firefighter Cancers - Fire Department Management Prevention Programs (July 12, 2009)

CEAS, University of Cincinnati
Fire Science & Emergency Management Department
745 Baldwin Hall 
2850 Campus Way, Cincinnati OH 45221

  • District Chief Ron Texter, Cincinnati FD, Health & Safety Officer: changes implemented after FD investigation of LODD of Oscar Armstrong in 2003.
  • Dr. Erin N. Haynes - UC Department of Environmental Health, Division of Epidemiology and Biostatistics: new UC study being launched 
  • Assistant Chief Preston Moore, Whitehall FD, Columbus, OH
  • Dr. William B. Lovett, MD, Cincinnati and Franklin, OH: conducting annual firefighter / EMS physicals that comply with NFPA 1582. 
  • Captain Tim McDonnell, Indianapolis FD, IN (Indiana Regional Coordinator,
    • To watch McDonnell's video, logon to iTunes U and click on the one with a caption "Firefighter Cancer/Wellness- Tim McDonnell".
  • Firefighter / paramedic Tim Jones, Cal Fire, California
  • "Wife of deceased firefighter - stresses importance of ALWAYS wearing breathing apparatus."


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