Firefighter Cancer Management & Prevention Programs

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  • Assistant Chief Preston Moore, Whitehall FD, Columbus, OH, "Firefighter Cancer/Wellness- Preston Moore".
  • Dr. William B. Lovett, MD, Cincinnati and Franklin, OH: conducting annual firefighter / EMS physicals that comply with NFPA 1582, "Firefighter Cancer/Wellness- Bill Lovett".
  • Captain Tim McDonnell, Indianapolis FD, IN (Indiana Regional Coordinator, Firefighter Cancer Support Network, "Firefighter Cancer/Wellness- Tim McDonnell".
  • Firefighter / paramedic Tim Jones, Cal Fire, California, Firefighter Cancer Support Network, "Firefighter Cancer/Wellness- Tim Jones".
  • Opening Remarks: "Firefighter Cancer/Wellness Seminar"
  • District Chief Ron Texter, Cincinnati FD, Health & Safety Officer: changes implemented after FD investigation of LODD of Oscar Armstrong in 2003, "Firefighter Cancer/Wellness- Ron Texter".
  • Dr. Erin N. Haynes - UC Department of Environmental Health, Division of Epidemiology and Biostatistics