Environmental Engineering

Primary Faculty

Headshot of Sivaraman Balachandran

Sivaraman Balachandran

Asst Professor, CEAS - Environmental Eng & Science

784 Engineering Research Cntr


Headshot of Steven G. Buchberger

Steven G. Buchberger

Professor, CEAS - Civil & Arch Eng & Const Mgmt

765F Baldwin Hall


Headshot of Soryong Chae

Soryong Chae

Asst Professor, CEAS - Environmental Eng & Science

736 Engineering Research Cntr


Headshot of Dionysios D. Dionysiou

Dionysios D. Dionysiou

Professor, CEAS - Environmental Eng & Science

780 Engineering Research Cntr


Research Lab
Professor Dionysiou teaches a graduate-level laboratory course on Unit Operations and Process Monitoring for the Treatment of Polluted Water and Air and an undergraduate course in Environmental Engineering Fundamentals and Process Design.
Headshot of Margaret J Kupferle

Margaret J Kupferle

Assoc Professor, CEAS - Environmental Eng & Science

701B Engineering Research Cntr


Headshot of Mingming Lu

Mingming Lu

Professor, CEAS - Environmental Eng & Science

770 Engineering Research Cntr


Headshot of Drew C McAvoy

Drew C McAvoy

Professor - Educator, CEAS - Environmental Eng & Science

740 Engineering Research Cntr


Headshot of Kazi Mahmudur Rahman

Kazi Mahmudur Rahman

Expertise in: GIS and remote sensing application in water resources, Statistical analysis and stochastic modelling, Hydrological modelling, Water quality modelling, Sediment transport modelling, Spatial rainfall modelling, Statistical hypothesis development and testing, Hydraulic river flood modelling, Physio-chemical River water quality modelling
Headshot of Patrick Alexander Ray

Patrick Alexander Ray

Asst Professor, CEAS - Environmental Eng & Science

746 Engineering Research Cntr


Headshot of George A Sorial

George A Sorial

Professor, CEAS - Environmental Eng & Science

546 Engineering Research Cntr


Dr. Sorial has 36 years of experience in bench scale and pilot scale research and chemical analysis with various analytical instruments.His research interests include: biofiltration, impact of nanoparticles on biofilms, electrochemical processes for destruction of organic contaminants, activated carbon adsorption (micropollutant removal from drinking water, adsorption of micropollutants by activated carbon and alternative adsorbents, characterization of adsorbent materials and natural organic matter, interactions between micropollutants and humic substances), modeling of adsorption systems (equilibrium and dynamics), remediation of contaminated soils, modeling of mercury speciation and chemical interactions in sediments and aquatic systems, fate and transport of nanoparticles, development of analytical methods for analysis, and development of protocols for US EPA in effectiveness of surfactants on oil spills.At the University of Cincinnati, Professor Sorial developed the curriculum for the undergraduate program in Environmental Engineering, teaches graduate courses in the field of Advanced Topics in Environmental Chemistry, Chemical Principles of Environmental Systems, and a graduate laboratory course on Environmental Instrumentation.He also teaches two undergraduate lec/lab course on grand challenges and environmental measurements.He coordinated a number of times in the undergraduate Civil Engineering Capstone Course “Integrated Design Sequence”.
Headshot of Maobing Tu

Maobing Tu

Assoc Professor, CEAS - Environmental Eng & Science

701D Engineering Research Cntr


Our research is centered on the development of cost-effective processes for producing biofuels, chemicals and biomaterials from lignocellulosic biomass. Specifically, we focus on the interface between biochemical engineering and biomass processing chemistry in an integrated biorefinery process. Our research approach is to use a combination of computational study and experimental determination to understand the molecular structure-activity relationship of biomass-derived compounds in the biochemical conversion process.
Headshot of David W. Wendell

David W. Wendell

Assoc Professor, CEAS - Environmental Eng & Science

732 Engineering Research Cntr


Headshot of Lilit Yeghiazarian

Lilit Yeghiazarian

Assoc Professor, CEAS - Environmental Eng & Science

701E Engineering Research Cntr


Research Website: Complex Systems & Processes

Emeritus Faculty

Headshot of Paul L Bishop

Paul L Bishop

Emeritus, CEAS - Chemical & Env Eng

765 Baldwin Hall

Headshot of Anant R. Kukreti

Anant R. Kukreti

Emeritus, CEAS - Environmental Eng & Science

601 Engineering Research Cntr


Headshot of Makram T Suidan

Makram T Suidan

Emeritus, CEAS - Chemical & Env Eng

701 Engineering Research Cntr


Headshot of James G Uber

James G Uber

Emeritus, CEAS - Chemical & Env Eng

Secondary Faculty

Headshot of Gregory Beaucage

Gregory Beaucage

Professor, CEAS - Chemical Eng

492 Rhodes Hall


Headshot of Xi Chen

Xi Chen

Asst Professor, A&S Geography

Braunstein Hall


Hydrology, water resources, environmental studies and modeling, physical geography, environmental engineering
Headshot of Vadim Guliants

Vadim Guliants

Professor, CEAS - Chemical Eng

601B Engineering Research Cntr


Headshot of Joo-Youp Lee

Joo-Youp Lee

Professor, CEAS - Chemical Eng

470 Engineering Research Cntr


Headshot of Vesselin N. Shanov

Vesselin N. Shanov

Professor, CEAS - Chemical Eng

580 Engineering Research Cntr


Short Biography.
Vesselin Shanov is a Professor with the Chemical Engineering program at the School of EEBME and the co-founder and co-director of the teaching and research facility NANOWORLD Lab at the University of Cincinnati. He has over 30 years of academic and industrial experience in research and development related to technologies and facilities for processing of advanced materials and thin films.  Dr. Shanov has been a tenured associate professor at the University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy, Sofia, Bulgaria, where he also served as an advisor to over 40 graduate students. He has taught eighteen courses at the University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy, Sofia, Bulgaria and eighteen courses at the University of Cincinnati. His recent research focuses on synthesis, characterization, processing, and application of nanostructured materials with emphasis on carbon nanotubes, graphene, as well as on biodegradable Mg for medical implants. Applications of his research are in the areas of electronics, aerospace, and nanomedicine. Dr. Shanov has more than 300 scientific publications, including 16 patents, 12 provisional patents, and 5 books, cited in about 3,200 different references. Currently, he collaborates with faculties from UC Colleges of Medicine, Applied Science, and Engineering, Oklahoma State University, North Carolina A&T State University, the University of Pittsburgh, and Hannover Medical School-Germany. The latter 3 universities, along with UC, are involved in the NSF Engineering Research Center for Revolutionizing Metallic Biomaterials.

Teaching Summary,
  • Taught 25 different courses (listed below) in Materials and Chemical Engineering at two universities; incorporated nanotechnology research into the engineering curricula at UC; teaches advanced topics in Chemical and Materials Engineering in the undergraduate Tech Lab Class, such as: Renewable Energy (Solar Cell, Hydrogen Fuel Cell), Nanotechnology (Carbon Nanotubes and related Nanodevices), Modern Analytical Instrumentation, Vacuum and Plasma Technologies, etc.
  • Considers undergraduate students (UG) research to be a very important tool for teaching engineering, as well as for student retention; works on an individual basis with undergraduate students in the research lab; 3 of my undergraduate students won national aerospace awards for research.
  • Believes teaching through the respected program at UC “Research Experience for Middle and High School Teachers” is a powerful outreach approach that indirectly helps recruit young adults in the field of science and engineering; involved in a 3 year NSF project as Co-PI (Prof. A. Kukreti–PI) and collaborates with Cincinnati School District teachers at UC by teaching a topic on Renewable Energy.
  • Hosts tours of Nanoworld Lab; more than 1,000 students, parents, industry professionals, faculty and Government representatives visit Nanoworld each year; the Nanoworld Lab website is one of the most frequently visited websites at UC.
  • Hosts weekly lab tours at the College for recruiting prospective students which include presentations on the latest achievements in renewable energy, nanotechnology and other science fields.
  • Hosts and teaches in Summer Institute for minority middle and high school students, since 2010.
Headshot of Peter Panagiotis G. Smirniotis

Peter Panagiotis G. Smirniotis

Professor, CEAS - Chemical Eng

601 Engineering Research Cntr


Professor Smirniotis performs research in the fields of i) catalytic clean-up of gaseous streams, ii) photocatalytic degradation of toxics in aqueous and gaseous streams, iii) hydrogen generation, iv) synthesis and characterizations of molecular sieves, v) development of zeolite catalysts for refining and energy process industries, vi) characterization of solid materials and surfaces with state-of-the-art techniques, vii) high temperature separation of carbon dioxide, viii) separation of biomolecules, and ix) reactor modeling and chemical kinetics.
Professor Smirniotis teaches classes in transport phenomena, chemical reaction engineering, process design & control, advanced reaction engineering, molecular sieves and applications, solid materials and surface characterizations, environmental catalysis and reaction engineering, and sustainable energy.
Headshot of Reza Soltanian

Reza Soltanian

Asst Professor, A&S Geology

508 Geology-Physics Building