Research Areas

Faculty Research Interests
Faculty Research Interests

Cheng, Yizong

Cluster Analysis
Deep Learning
Sensor Networks
Graph Algorithms

Ahn, Chong

BioMEMS Devices
Biosensors and Biochips
Immunoassay In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD)
Point-of-Care Testing (POC) Diagnostics
Integrated Biosensors for the Brain
Mobile Healthcare Systems

Annexstein, Fred

Parallel and Distributed Computing
Algorithms and Applied Mathematics
Decentralized Crypto-systems and Blockchains
Web and Network Science
Programming Languages
Computational Science and Cellular Modeling
Computer Science Education

Atluri, Gowtham

Algorithms for Mining Spatio-Temporal Data
Applications in Neuroscience and Opioid Analytics
Mining Data in High-Energy PhysicsData Mining in Biomedical Datasets

Berman, Kenneth

Graph Theory
Networks, Algorithms
Discrete Mathematics
Computational Biology

Bhatnagar, Raj

Data Mining Algorithms for Engineering, Science, and Business Applications
Scalable Parallel Algorithms for Big Data Analytics
Design of Algorithms in Map-Reduce for Hadoop and Spark Cloud-Based Environments.

Boolchand, Punit

Thermal, Optical and Mechanical Properties of Network Glasses including Chalcogenides and Modified Oxides
Phase Change Materials
Catalysis (in collaboration with Peter Smirniotis)
Colloids and Fuel Cells (in collaboration with Anastasios  Angelopoulos)

Bahk, Je-Hyeong

Energy Harvesting
Energy Conversion
Electron/Thermal Transport Physics
Semiconductor Devices.

Cahay, Marc

Vacuum Nanoelectronics
Light-weight Motors

Chiou, Fred

Integration of Renewable Energy and Microgrid Distributed Power Systems
Solar Sharging Stations for Electric Vehicles
Solar PV Systems for Sustainability
Embedded Systems
Digital Circuits
Industrial Automation.

Dai, April

Multimedia Communications and Networking
Wireless Sensor Networks
Internet of Things
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Networks
Sensor Systems for Healthcare.

Debnath, Jayanta

Power Systems Modeling and Simulation
Parallel and Distributed Computing
Electromagnetic Transient Simulation
HVDC Modeling
Power Electronics Modeling
Power Transmission and Distribution
Modeling and Analysis Electric Machines
Transmission Lines
Distribution Networks
Embedded Systems Design
GPU-Based General Purpose Computing

Emmert, Marty

Computer Hardware: Integrated Circuit (ICs) Design, Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) and Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs)
Assurance, Security, and Trust for Hardware
Hardware Fault Tolerance
Asynchronous Circuit Design
Embedded Systems
Automated Computer Aided Design (CAD) Algorithm and Tool Development for IC Hardware
Circuits, Systems, and Sensors for Electronic Warfare
Integration of Global Positioning System (GPS) Algorithms and Methods.

Esfandiari, Leyla

Electrokinetics-Based Micro/Nano-Scale Devices for Biomedical Applications
BioMEMS and Biomedical Microfluidics
Bioconjugation and Surface Chemistry for Development of Bioassays  
Liquid Biopsy Devices for Cancer DiagnosticsElectro-Conductive Biocompatible Scaffolds for Regenerative Medicine  

Fan, Howard

Digital and Wireless Communications
Digital Signal Processing
Adaptive Signal Processing and Applications
Interference Mitigation
GPS and GPS-denied Geolocation

Ferendeci, Altan

Microwaves and Millimeter Wave Devices, Circuits and Systems
Microwave Applications of High Tc Superconductivity
Electro-Optics Modulators and Associated Devices
Electron Beam Devices (gyrotrons)
Medical Wireless Sensing and Diagnostics

Franco, John

Satisfiability Algorithms and Provers (especially considering performance)
Higher Order Theorem Provers
Formal Methods
Propositional and Higher Order Logics for Formal Reasoning
Formal Verification
Cyber Operations

Fuchs, Zach

Autonomous Systems
Game-Theoretic Control and Adversarial Systems
Deception Modeling and Robust Sensing
Biologically Inspired Control
Optimal Control
Microcontrollers and Embedded Systems

Han, C. Y.

Computer Graphics
Computer Games and Scientific Visualization
Digital Image Processing
Machine Vision and Computer Vision
Artificial Intelligence
Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management Systems
Intelligent Building Systems
Building Automation Control
Human-Computer Interaction
Collaborative Science

Heikenfeld, Jason

Electronic Devices
Microfluidic Devices
Biochemical Devices
Helmicki, Art and Hunt, Victor Systems/Controls with an emphasis on damage identification, system identification and parameter estimation, condition assessment, health monitoring, and remote monitoring/sensing.
Structural testing and monitoring of highway bridges.
Environmental monitoring and alerting, with specific application to icing and snow accumulation (and shedding) on highway features.
Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) flights and applications for the DOT, with particular results in photogrammetic models, surveying, structural and facility inspection, video monitoring and processing of traffic parameters, event documentation and social networking and planning, etc.

Hu, Yiming

Peer-to-peer Computing
Information Searching and Retrieving
High Performance I/O Systems
Memory Architectures
File Systems
Virtual Memory
Parallel and Distributed Computing

Jha, Rashmi

Advanced Logic and Memory Devices
Resistive RAM, STTRAM, FeFET
Neuromorphic Computing
Hardware Security
Process Integration
Advanced CMOS Technology
Device Characterization
Device Modeling
Circuit Design and Simulations
Artificial Intelligence
Modeling Bio-inspired Paradigms of Learning and Self-Immunity, Cybersecurity
Neuroelectronics and Neuro-sensors
Wearable and Flexible Electronics
Energy Harvesting.

Jone, Wen-Ben

VLSI Design for Testability and Low Power Dissipation
Error Resilient VLSI Circuit Design and Test
Deep Neural Network Accelerator VLSI Design
Approximate Circuit Synthesis for Deep Neural Networks
Kim, Yeongin Stretchable and wearable sensors
Implantable devices
Low-power wireless systems
Electrically small antenna, magnetoelectric coupling
Piezoelectric transducers, ultrasonic devices
THz and long-wavelength infrared detectors
Ceramic printing
3D printing
Heterogeneous integration
Selective laser annealing, area selective chemical vapor deposition
Sol-gel process

Kosel, Peter

Wide-Bandgap Semiconductors
Chalcopyrite Semiconductors
Optical Systems and Devices
Optical Waveguides
Soliton Interactions
High Temperature MEMS in Polycrystalline Diamond and Aluminum Nitride
Pressure Sensors and Accelerometers
Bolometric Devices
Small Electron Accelerators

Li, Tao

MEMS, Microsensors/Microactuators and their System Integration
Autonomous Microsystems
Microfabrication and Micromachining Technologies
Packaging for Microsensors, Actuators, and Microsystems
Analog and Digital Electronic Interface for MEMS Devices
Embedded Systems
Power Sources for Microsystems
Biomedical Devices (e.g., wearable or implantable devices, smart surgical / biopsy tools, ingestible wireless devices, etc.)
Environmental Monitoring Device (e.g., harsh environment applications in downhole, deep sea, etc.)
Sensors for Internet of Things (IoT) and Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS)

Lorenz, Tamara

Human Joint Action
Human-Robot Interaction
Human-Machine Interaction
Human Movement Coordination including Synchronization and Adaptation
Human Behavior Modeling
Cognition-Perception-Action Cycle
Embodied Cognition
Cognitive Psychology
Nonlinear Methods and Dynamical Systems including Dynamical Neuroscience
Human Factors and Ergonomics

Minai, Ali

Neural Networks and Deep Learning
Complex Adaptive Systems (Self-Organizing Systems, Multi-Agent Systems, Robot/UAV Swarms, Emergent Design)
Complex Networks
Text Analysis and Language Models
Computational Models of Cognition and Behavior
Computational Neuroscience
AI Applications in Medicine and Biology
Models of Social Networks and Human Systems
Bio-Inspired and Biomorphic Systems
Evolutionary and Developmental Robotics
Digital Humanities.

Niu, Nan

Software Engineering
Requirements Engineering
Software Testing
End-User Programming
Software Security
Mining Software Repositories
Information Foraging
Human-Centric Computing


Parallel, Distributed and Grid Computing
Social Networks
Theory of Computation
High Performance Computin
gInterconnection Networks

Purdy, Carla

Embedded Systems and VLSI
Intelligent Embedded Systems
Trustworthy Embedded Systems
Software and Systems Engineering
Computational Biology and Synthetic Biology
Agent Based Modeling and Simulation
Diversity in Science and Engineering

Rabiee, Max

Performance Analysis and Digital Control of Electric Machines and Drives
Use of Programmable Logic Controllers
Programmable Automation Controllers in Robotics and Automation Systems

Ralescu, Anca

Advanced Machine Learning (including Kernel Methods, Fuzzy Methods, Deep Learning, Learning with Less Labeled data)
Artificial Intelligence (including Human Aware AI, Bayesian Causal Networks, Uncertainty in AI)
Brain Computer Interface (Language Understanding, Assistive Devices)
Cyber-Security (Recognition, Detection and Disabling of Malware Attacks, Biologically Inspired Approaches
Image Understanding (including biomedical images)
Joint Cognitive Systems
Smart Cities (IoT).

Steckl, Andrew

Microelectronics/Microfabrication (Bio/Organic Electronics; Microfluidic Devices)
Health Related Materials/Devices (Paper-based Point-of-Care Devices, Human Biomarker Detection, Nanofiber Electrospinning and Applications to Drug Release)

Vanderelst, Dieter

Sensory Biology, Behavior, and Evolution
Sensory Ecology
Models of Bat Echolocation and Flight Control
Robotic and Computational Models of Animal Behavior and Perception
Models of Human Cognition.

Vellambi, Badri

Information Theory (Data Compression, Coding Theory and Channel Coding), Communication Theory, Wireless Communications, and Fundamental Limits of Statistical/Machine Learning, Communication Systems and Signal Processing)
Theoretical Computer Science
Computation and Complexity Theory
Reinforcement Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Vemuri, Ranga

Hardware Trust
Correctness and Security
VLSI Design and Architectures
Embedded Systems
Cyber-Physical Systems and Applications
Formal Methods and Formal Verification
Electronic Design Automation, Logic and Physical Synthesis
Reconfigurable Computing and FPGAs
Approximate Computing
Sensor Networks. 

Wang, Boyang

Data Security and Privacy
Applied Cryptography
Network Security
Privacy-Enhancing Technologies

Wee, William

Non-destructive Evaluation and Inspection
Jet Engine Inspection
AI & Deep Learning for Image and Video Processing.

White, Ryan

Electrochemical Biosensors at the Micro and Nanoscale for understanding Biological Systems (the work combines themes in electrochemistry, sensor development, analytical chemistry, biomolecular engineering, and nanoscience.)

Wilsey, Philip A.

High Performance Computing
High Performance Data Analysis
Privacy Preserving Data Mining
Parallel and Distributed Simulation
Embedded Systems.

Zhou, Frank

Wireless Communications and Networking
Biomedical Signal Processing
Cross-Layer Design and Optimization for Wireless Networks
Digital Image and Video Processing
Smart and Connected Health