Mantei/Mae Award

Each year a limited number of the highest-performing students in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, and Computer Science receive Mantei/Mae Awards.  This honor can include a substantial financial component that helps deserving students with expenses associated with academic life at UC.

The award began in 2010 with an annual donation from an anonymous alumnus who graduated in Electrical Engineering from the University of Cincinnati.  He believed that his degree and the guidance he received as a student helped lead him to a hugely successful career, and he wanted to give back to UC. The award is named after his mentor, Mantei a professor at the University of Cincinnati, and a family member, Mae, who believed in him and encouraged him. 

In 2013, the Mantei/Mae endowment was established with a $3 million gift, funding the award in perpetuity. To date, almost 100 students have received the Mantei/Mae award.  Awardees have gone on to graduate school, to major IT companies such as Apple and Google, to start-up companies,and to satisfying careers in local and national companies and government. 

We are proud of our Mantei/Mae Awardees, and we want to build a community of past recipients to help mentor and support current and future students,  in the spirit of our generous donor.