Credit by Exams

What is the Credit by Examination Program?

Students earn credit toward graduation by successfully completing an exam outside a classroom setting. The credit does not affect the student’s GPA, but does count as hours toward graduation.

Who should take these exams?

Any student that has acquired college-level knowledge outside the classroom. For example, high school courses, job experience, volunteer activities, and independent study may all provide knowledge that can be translated into college credit.

What EECS courses have a credit by exam?

As of this now, the required First year Introduction to Programming courses: Programming in ECE (EECE1080C) and Computer Science 1 (CS1021C) are the only courses eligible for the Credit by Exam Program.

Programming in ECE/Computer Science 1: CBE Information

Any First Year EECS student with extensive programming experience should consider taking the credit by exam for this course. It opens up possibilities for better COOP jobs, and allows for more flexible scheduling of courses.

How is the exam administered?

You will need to take an exam consisting of two parts.  The first part consisting of multiple choice questions needs to be taken by appointment at the Testing Services Department.

The second part consisting of programming problems will be given approximately two weeks after a students passes part one.

Note: A fee of $80 will be assessed to offset administrative costs.

Development Environment (C++ Compiler):

You must choose from one of the following development environments:

  • Current version of Qt Creator on any supported OS
  • GNU C++ under Linux
  • Xcode under MacOS
  • Visual Studio under Windows


You can use any C++ reference but here are a few that we have found useful.

For the Safari Books you need to be on campus or using UC’s VPN service (

For further information

Please contact Adjunct Instructor Rob Montjoy using the following:

Robert Montjoy
808B Rhodes Hall
Cincinnati, Ohio 45221-0030
Phone: 513-556-4181