Electrical Engineering & Computer Science Research

Research Areas

The Electrical Engineering and Computer Science department offers eight research areas to choose from. Master's (MS) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) areas include:

We take our curiosity where it leads us.

Andrew Steckl Electrical Engineering & Computer Science professor

Labs & Centers

  • Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Operations (Prof. John Franco)
  • Center for Advanced Design and Manufacturing of Integrated Microfluidics 
  • Center for Distributed and Mobile Computing (Prof. Dharma Agrawal) – Old Chem 812
  • University of Cincinnati Infrastructure Institute (UCII) (Prof. Arthur Helmicki) – 717 ERC
  • Complex Adaptive Systems Laboratory (Prof. Ali Minai) – Rhodes 937, 905A
  • Data Security and Privacy Laboratory (Prof. Boyang Wang)
  • Digital Design Environments Laboratory (Prof. Ranga Vemuri) – ERC 517
  • Electric Energy Laboratory (Prof. Massoud Rabiee) – Rhodes 510
  • Embodied Interactive Systems Laboratory (Prof. Tamara Lorenz) – Edwards I 5140M
  • GaAs Devices and Integrated Circuits Lab (Prof. Peter Kosel) – Rhodes 909, CAS 113, 417
  • High Performance Computing Laboratory (Prof. Philip Wilsey) – ERC 529
  • Information Theory Laboratory (Prof. Badri Vellambi)
  • Integrative Biosensing Laboratory (Prof. Leyla Esfandiari) – ERC 893
  • Intelligent Sensing and Control (ISaC) Laboratory (Prof. Zach Fuchs)
  • Machine Learning and Computational Intelligence Lab (Prof. Anca Ralescu) – Old Chem 819-B
  • Machine Intelligence Lab (Prof. Raj Bhatnagar) – Old Chem 660-D
  • MEMS and Autonomous Integrated Microsystems (AIM) Laboratory (Prof. Tao Li) – Rhodes 915
  • Microelectronics Automated Design and Test Laboratory (Prof. Marty Emmert) – ERC 505
  • Microsystems and BioMEMS Laboratory (Prof. Chong Ahn)
  • Microwave and Millimeter Wave Communications Laboratory (Prof. Altan Ferendeci) – Rhodes 913
  • Microelectronics and Integrated-circuits with Neurocentric Devices (MIND) Laboratory (Prof. Rashmi Jha) – Rhodes 901, 937
  • Multimedia Networking & Computing Laboratory (Prof. April Dai) – ERC 537
  • Multimedia and Augmented Reality Laboratory (Prof. William Wee) – ERC 817
  • Nanoelectronics Laboratory (Prof. Andrew Steckl) – Rhodes 910
  • Novel Device Laboratory (Prof. Jason Heikenfeld)
  • RAPIDS Cyber Laboratory (Prof. John Franco) – ERC 513/516
  • Software Engineering Research Laboratory (Prof. Nan Niu) – ERC 527
  • Solid State Physics & Electronic Materials Laboratory (Prof. Punit Boolchand)
  • Spatio-Temporal Data Science Laboratory (Prof. Gowtham Atluri) – ERC 528
  • Spintronics and Vacuum Nanoelectronics Laboratory (Prof. Marc Cahay)
  • Thermoelectric Energy Conversion Laboratory Prof. Je-Hyeong Bahk)
  • Wireless Communications & Signal Processing Laboratory (Prof. Howard Fan) – ERC 537
  • Wireless and Mobile Communication Laboratory (Prof. Frank Zhou)