Mechanical and Materials Engineering External Advisory Board

The purpose of the University of Cincinnati College of Engineering and Applied Science (CEAS) Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering (MME) External Advisory Board (EAB) is to:

  • Support continuous improvement of MME undergraduate curriculum ensuring sensitivity to industry needs and ABET accreditation requirements
  • Serve as an “extended staff” resource for MME encouraging faculty and staff to solicit EAB support for their needs
  • Support recruitment of diverse set of brightest and best high school students to MME programs
  • Provide a connect point for industry with MME faculty and students
  • Leadership Committee -- Chair, Vice Chair, Department Head, Facilitator -- monitor/manage EAB organization structure, membership development including unrepresented industries (e.g. Medical/Pharmaceuticals, Medical/Devices, Auto Parts), organize semiannual meetings, manage budget.
  • Undergraduate Curriculum, Recruiting, Scholarships Committee--focuses on identifying gaps in capabilities of new graduates compared with needs and expectation of employers thereby identifying curriculum changes needed, provides industry guest lectures providing relevance of classwork to industry problems, supports formal curriculum improvement process by supporting faculty ME ABET and MET ABET work. Works with the MME department recruiting team to help develop methods for getting the brightest and best high school students into MME programs and works with the Development Office to build an aggressive scholarship funding campaign to support these students
  • Research and Centers of Expertise Committee--focuses on identifying research needs from industry that MME is uniquely positioned to address and on exposing current research efforts broadly to industry with the goal of developing sustainable centers in MME supported by in-kind software donations from technology suppliers and funded projects from technology users.