What is Co-op?

The Co-op program at the University of Cincinnati is a way for students to put their classroom knowledge to work, making their skill set more desirable to potential employers before graduation even rolls around. It allows students to get a taste for the different employment choices a student in a certain major can make upon leaving school.

About the Program

Co-op, or Co-operative Education program, puts students out into the field in their respective majors to develop workplace behavior skills, a sense of independence after college, and to increase experience in their field before graduation, to list a few. At UC, our program is one of the most robust in the country--a fact not surprising considering we invented it! Students love the experience obtained while in the program. 96% of College of Engineering seniors believed it provided a better educational experience then classroom study alone.

How it Works

Students who take part in the co-op program are enrolled in a year-round schedule that alternates classroom study with workplace experience. This allows for about a year and a half of job experience prior to graduation! Two sections are available to choose from depending on where and when the student will want to take a co-op job. A co-op faculty member assists the student in finding employment prior to their respective co-op semesters. While co-op may seem daunting to a new student at first, the knowledge and experience gained will be invaluable, coupled with the excitement of the possibility of discovering new areas of the country or even the world!

Visit  Division of Professional Practice (James Tappel is the contact for AEEM students)