ATTENTION Current Aerospace Graduate Students: 

Program of Study forms need to be filled out two times per academic year in graduate school.

Click here for Resources, forms, Graduate Handbook, etc.

  1. For direct questions see AEEM Graduate Director, Professor Jong-Guen Lee. Dr. Lee is located in ERC  Room 484 or by office phone on 513-556-2127 or
  2. Click here for CEAS College Graduate Office

UC Aerospace offers graduate degree programs in Aerospace Engineering and in Engineering Mechanics, with four areas of emphasis:

  • Dynamics, Controls & Intelligent Systems
  • Fluids, Propulsion & Heat Transfer
  • Solids & Structural Mechanics
  • Engineering Mechanics

Degree Requirements

A new program launched in 2016 is the Aero-System Operations (AESOP) - Collaborative Degree Program Click here for details on this program.

Contact Professor Kelly Cohen for more information on the Aero-System Operations degree program.

Prospective Graduate Students should go to this link for information on how to enroll as a graduate student:  Click here for the University of Cincinnati's Graduate Student Enrollment page.

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