Jong Guen Lee

Jong Guen Lee

Ohio Research Scholar
PhD, Professor of Aerospace Engineering & Engineering Mechanics

484 Engineering Research Center
P. O. Box 210070,
Cincinnati, OH 45221-0070

Phone: (513) 556-2127
Fax: (513) 556-5038

Recipient of the 2014/2015 CEAS Research Award Young Faculty


Research Area

Dr. Lee’s research focuses on combustion and propulsion problems in air-breathing and rocket propulsion systems. He has many years of experience in combustion dynamics in gas turbine, ramjet and augmentor, development of various laser-based optical diagnostic techniques with applications to propulsion systems, combustion control and sensors monitoring the combustion process, turbulent flame propagations and multi-phase combustion processes.

He has been collaborating with many major gas turbine/aircraft industries such as GE Aviation, GE Energy, Pratt and Whitney, Siemens-Westinghouse, Solar Turbines as well as the AFRL-Wright Patterson, NASA-GRC and DOE NETL (Natural Energy Technology Laboratory, Morgantown, WV) in those areas. His research interests also include supersonic combustion, plasma-aided combustion, solid-propellants and combustion of alternative fuels.

Publications (for past 4 years)

A.S. AlAdawy and J.G. Lee, ”Effect of Turbulence on NOx emission from a lean Perfectly-Premixed Combustor,” Fuel, Vol. 208, pp 160-167, 2017

S. Etheridge, J.G. Lee, C. Carter, M. Hagenmaier and R. Milligan,”Effect of Flow Distortion on Fuel/Air Mixing and Combustion in an Upstream-Fueled Cavity Flameholder for a Supersonic Combustor,” Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science, Vol. 88, pp 461-471, 2017

J. Yoon, S. Joo, J. Kim, M. C. Lee, J. G. Lee and Y. Yoon,” Effects of Convection Time on the High Harmonic Combustion Instability in a Partially Premixed Combustor,” The Proceedings of Combustion Institute, Vol. 36, Dec. 2016

A. Cakmakci, M. Knadler and J.G. Lee,” Spatio-temporal Distribution of Soot Temperature for Flames Using Optical Pyrometry Under Unsteady Inlet Airflow Conditions,” J. Engr. for Gas Turbines & Power,  Vol. 169, Issue 5, 2016

M. Knadler, A. Cakmakci, and J.G. Lee,”Response of Soot Temperature to Unsteady Inlet Airflow Under Modulated Condition and Naturally-Occurring Combustion Dynamics,” J. Engr. for Gas Turbines & Power, Vol. 137, April 2015.

Song, C. Cain and J.G. Lee, ” Liquid Jets in Subsonic Air Crossflow at Elevated Pressure,” accepted for publication in J. Engr. for Gas Turbines & Power (2014) J. Song, C. Cain and J.G. Lee,” Liquid Jets in Subsonic Air Crossflow at Elevated Pressure,” J. Engr. for Gas Turbines & Power, Vol. 137, April 2015.

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