Undergraduate Programs

Aerospace Engineering

The broad scope of aerospace engineering encompasses the general areas of aeronautics and astronautics. Because these areas are so intimately related, many of the required courses of study overlap so the student will be well prepared for either general area. Some of the specific areas to be studied include the physics and computation of gas flow, heat transfer, and combustion processes; performance, dynamics and control of vehicles and other general systems; analysis of lightweight, high-strength, complex structural systems; and principles of jet and rocket propulsion systems. The program of study is well balanced and is directed towards developing both technical and non-technical skills and prepares the student for the work environment of the 21st century. The program trains the student in the use of analytical, computer, and laboratory skills, and further emphasizes interpersonal skills such as verbal and oral communication, and team work.

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Fire Science Technology

The Open Learning Fire Service Program adds a high degree of flexibility and convenience to your professional development while maintaining the level of quality and effectiveness consistent with a traditional approach.

The University of Cincinnati 's Open Learning Fire Service Program is offered in conjunction with the National Fire Academy 's Degrees at a Distance Program. The Program is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges & Secondary Schools. Students may receive credit for EMT and Paramedic Certification plus receive credit for Working Fire videos.