Co-op at UC

The Ultimate Scholarship

Nobody knows cooperative education, its applications, and its payoffs better than we do. After all - we invented it.

Cooperative education, or "co-op" as the program is widely known, introduces our undergraduate students to the professional engineering environment. The program is designed to integrate the academic curriculum with on-the-job experience to provide our students with an outstanding engineering education.

Co-op gives our students a chance to practice their chosen profession in a real-life situation to help them determine their future career path. Plus, co-op helps students finance their education.

The co-op program is well received by the students at the College of Engineering and Applied Science as well. Overwhelmingly, 96% of graduating seniors felt that the College's program, including the co-op experience, provided a better education than a traditional college program. In addition, 98% of those surveyed said they would recommend the CEAS co-op program to their younger siblings.

Founded at UC in 1906, co-op is now offered by more than one thousand institutions of higher education — but it is central to the overall mission of only a select number of schools.

At UC, we have the largest mandatory co-op program of any public engineering school in the country.

Why Co-op?

This valuable on-the-job experience helps our students learn and mature in a professional engineering environment. Our students graduate with solid experience which makes them more valuable to future employers and increases opportunities for more responsible initial career assignments.

Co-op also provides an opportunity for students to preview their career path to make sure they are headed in the right direction. It provides career perspective that can't be learned in a classroom. The year-round schedule permits students in the program to have at least a year of highly beneficial professionally related experience before graduation and to obtain first-hand knowledge of professional practices and opportunities.

Co-op helps create a perfect match for future employers since our graduates know what they want in their careers. Companies hire graduates who are already familiar with the environment and have an understanding of the corporate culture. Co-op assignments assist students by teaching them to work with others as a team, and how to apply classroom knowledge in the real world.

How it Works

Students who take part in the co-op program are enrolled in a year-round schedule that alternates classroom study with workplace experience every semester. Students begin co-op in the fall or spring of sophomore year, then alternate each semester for a total of 5 co-op rotations. A co-op faculty member assists the student in finding employment prior to their respective co-op semesters. While co-op may seem daunting to a new student at first, the knowledge and experience gained will be invaluable, coupled with the excitement of the possibility of discovering new areas of the country or even the world!

Visit the Division of Experience-Based Learning & Career Education website for more information. NOTE: James Tappel is the contact for AEEM students.

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