Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Research is an alternative option for undergraduate students to earn technical elective credits and an easy way to gain research experience. If the student later decides to move on to higher education, this experience is a great way to get an early understanding of what research is all about. 

Undergraduate Research Credits

Students who meet the requirements (see below) are encouraged to take Undergraduate Research credits (20-AEEM-5035) as part of their Technical Elective sequence for independent research work done in collaboration with an Aerospace faculty member. For information regarding possible research topics, look at the list of research facilities, look at the websites of the faculty, or speak to any of the Aerospace faculty members.

You can view some examples of past undergraduate research projects by going to the following link: 

Undergraduate Research Examples

Up to 3 credits of UG Research can be used for Technical Elective credit, and students may petition the Aerospace Curriculum Committee to use up to 3 additional semester credits of UG Research for Technical Elective credit. Approval of these petitions will depend primarily on the student's academic standing, the student's accomplishments in prior registrations for UG Research, and the recommendation of the faculty member who will supervise the additional research (whose signature must appear on the petition along with the student's signature).

Requirements for UG Research credits:

1) Full-time undergraduate status in "good standing" (no academic deficiencies) at Pre-Junior level or above.

2) Registration for AEEM-5035 for the appropriate number of credits (usually 3).

3) After enrolling in AEEM-5035, students must access Blackboard then click on Course Syllabus for course information and then Course Documents to download the Undergraduate Research Proposal form. It can also be downloaded at the link below. This form must be typed, signed by the proposed faculty supervisor and delivered to Teresa Meyer in 745 Baldwin Hall for approval by the Department Head. We suggest this be done within the first two weeks of the start of classes. You will be notified within a few days if the proposal form is rejected by our Department Head.

4) At the end of the semester, a written report of the research must be turned in to the research advisor, and the student must present a public oral presentation on the research. Teresa Meyer in the Aerospace office will schedule these presentations. Sometimes due to scheduling conflicts, some of the presentations may be scheduled for early in the following semester, but only for students who are not graduating that semester.

At the beginning of the semester click on the link below to download the Undergraduate Research Proposal form:  Type info, obtain appropriate signatures and submit to staff at 745 Baldwin Hall:

Undergraduate Proposal Form

Example Proposal Form