Architectural Engineering Program

AE Student Project

The Architectural Engineering Program is a five year cooperative education program of study which leads to a Bachelor of Science degree. Architectural engineers apply engineering principles to the design, planning and construction of buildings. Whereas an architect is responsible for the aesthetic design and general space layout of a building, an architectural engineer is responsible for the design of the building’s systems. While the architect gives the building its form, it is the architectural engineer who insures that the building will function. Architectural engineering may be thought of as a blend of civil, mechanical and electrical engineering disciplines. This profession encompasses the design of numerous types of systems including the heating and air conditioning systems, the plumbing and fire protection systems, the lighting and electrical systems as well as the structural system.

Students in this program begin their study in mathematics and the physical sciences and then apply that knowledge through coursework in the engineering fundamentals areas of fluid mechanics, thermodynamics and strength of materials before undertaking the discipline specific study of building systems design. Throughout the program a number of courses from UC’s School of Architecture are integrated into the curriculum so as to provide the student with a sufficient understanding of the companion profession. Students are required to co-op beginning in their second year and alternate a semester of study with a 16 week work assignment throughout the balance of the program. A graduate of the program will thus have gained more than a full year of paid work experience prior to completion of their degree requirements.  

Graduates of the Architectural Engineering program may expect to find employment with large architectural firms, consulting engineering firms, private industry or governmental agencies. They often work as part of a design team and may specialize in the design one type of building system. Some architectural engineers are self-employed professionals providing design services to a wide range of clients.