Outcomes Assessment

Direct Assessments:

Program Learning Outcomes #1-20, which correspond with ACCE SLOs #1-20, are directly assessed by tests, homework assignments, and projects assigned in courses per the following matrix attached at the end of this document as Exhibit 2.

Program Learning Outcome #21 is directly assessed by completion of several items at the conclusion of each student’s co-op semester:

  • A formal performance review by the co-op employer for their particular student.
  • The student’s completion of a review of their employer.
  • The student’s completion of an assignment as required by the Experience-Based Learning & Career Education department (typically an essay).

Students who enter the CM program directly must successfully complete five semesters of co-op experience in order to be certified for graduation.  Allowances are made to require fewer co-op experiences for students who transfer into the CM program after the freshman year, but in no case can a transfer student graduate from the CM program with less than three semesters of co-op experience.

Indirect Assessments:

Program Learning Outcomes #1-21 (and corresponding ACCE SLOs #1-20) are Indirectly Assessed as follows: