PhD Students

Degree Requirements

A PhD student must complete no less than 60 credit hours including a minimum of 12 credit hours of formal coursework beyond the MS degree.  Students who want to take a course outside of the College of Engineering and Applied Science (CEAS) must obtain permission by completing the “Approval for Courses Outside CEAS” form.  After one year of coursework and research at the University of Cincinnati, PhD students are expected to pass the PhD qualifying exam.  The examination is structured to assess both the student’s depth of knowledge in the chosen field and his/her ability to apply this knowledge towards formulation of new research paradigms.  The format of the qualifying exam is described in Section 9.  A PhD student must submit and orally defend a written dissertation conforming to the requirements of the University Graduate Handbook.  The dissertation work will be guided and judged by a committee, chaired by student’s advisor.

Additional Requirements

1. Once a year (typically toward the end of the Spring Semester) the doctoral student must initiate with the advisor an annual progress review.  The Annual Progress Review Form to be filled is signed by the student and the advisor and turned into the Graduate Director.

2. Each doctoral student is required to take a Teaching Effectiveness course within the first 15 months since admission (e.g. MLTI 8041—Teaching Effectiveness).  Toward the end of that course, the student must ask the instructor of record of the Teaching Effectiveness course to fill the Teaching Effectiveness Instructor Evaluation Form. This form must be returned to the Graduate Director.

3. After taking the Teaching Effectiveness course, each doctoral student is required to teach at least one lower-level undergraduate course under the mentorship of the faculty advisor.  After the course is over, the student is responsible for the faculty advisor to fill the Course Teaching Evaluation Form and to return it to the Graduate Director

4. Each doctoral student is required to prepare and submit in concert with the faculty advisor at least one grant proposal.  Note that this can be the same document used for the proposal defense. Once the proposal has been submitted to a funding agency, the student is responsible for the faculty advisor to fill the Grant Writing Advisor Evaluation Form and to deliver it to the Graduate Director

5. Each doctoral student is required to submit with the faculty advisor a journal paper manuscript for review to a reputable peer-reviewed journal before undergoing the final dissertation defense.

6. Each doctoral student is required to fill the Plagiarism Pledge before graduating

7. In order to be certified for graduation, after all requirements are met, each doctoral student must schedule a final interview with the Graduate Director, resulting in the compilation of the Final Interview Form which is signed by the Graduate Director.