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Student Chapter of American Society of Civil Engineers

The University of Cincinnati  student chapter brings the national ASCE’s visions and goals to the local level.  The UC Chapter believes that education, leadership, hands on experience, and field trips help students have a better understanding of a career in Civil Engineering. Every year, our freshman class is introduced to a variety of local and national companies and organizations who believe in educating our underclassman with basic knowledge about civil engineering.  Our freshmen are able to better understand their chosen career and get experience in the discipline they might be interested in. Upperclassmen are also given opportunities to become officers of the organization and leaders on the campus.  Every year students go on several field trips that the chapter plans each year. These are particularly useful for underclassman to fully understand how the real world interacts with the civil engineering career. Overall, the UC chapter is very involved with the students and gives them opportunities to participate in their chosen profession.


Concrete Canoe Race

Structrual Engineering Experience

The Structural Engineering Experience organization is designed to provide students with an opportunity to apply what they learn in the classroom to real world situations. This experience is gained through an annual regional competition where students from various colleges around the region compete using their team's ideas and techniques that were established on their respective campuses. Students work throughout the year to create working designs and real word models of those designs.


The SEE teams compete in the following annual competitions hosted by the Ohio Valley Student Conference:

  1. AISC Steel Bridge Design Competition    
  2. Concrete Canoe Comeptition    
  3. Site Design Competition
  4. Balsa Wood Bridge Competition
  5. Environmental Engineering Competition   
  6. Surveying Competition
  7. Geotechnical Engineering Competition
  8. Daniel W. Mead Technical Paper Competition   

Student Chapter of Structural Engineers Association of Ohio (SEAoO)

The UC student chapter of the Structural Engineers Association of Ohio is dedicated to the promotion of the profession of structural engineering. The thrust of SEAoO is to inform all parties about the importance of Structural Engineering to the safety, health, and welfare of the general public as well as promote excellence in our profession. The association is founded upon underlying principles regarding the importance of knowledge, integrity, honesty, and diligence in our daily efforts that result in structures (buildings, bridges, etc.) that are dependable and safe for all who use them. The students of this chapter attend technical conferences and attend meetings of the chapter.