Steven Buchberger

Steven Buchberger

Dr. Steven Buchberger

Steven Buchberger, Ph.D.

Department of Civil Engineering, and Architectural Engineering, and Construction Management
College of Engineering and Applied Science
University of Cincinnati
P.O. Box 210012
Cincinnati, OH 45221-0012

Office: 765 Baldwin

Phone: 513.556.3681
Fax: 513.556.2599


Areas of Interest

Professor Buchberger's teaching interests include surface water hydrology, water quality modeling and reliability analysis in engineering design.  His research interests include mathematical modeling of water demands and water quality in municipal distribution systems; estimating peak water demands in buildings; characterization and control of nonpoint pollutants; water and energy management for sustainable urban environments.


Lindley, T.R. and S.G. Buchberger: Assessing intrusion susceptibility in distribution systems, Journal of the American Water Works Association, 94(6): 66-79, 2002.

Barton, J.M.H. and S.G. Buchberger: Geometric analysis of sand piles on small platforms, Physical Review E, 68, 011303, 2003.

Buchberger, S.G. and G. Nadimpalli: Leak estimation in water distribution systems by statistical analysis of flow readings, ASCE Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management, 130(4):321-329, 2004. Award for Best Research Paper ASCE JWRPM.

Szabo, J.G., S.G. Buchberger and P.L. Bishop: Performance of a wet weather treatment facility for control of combined sewer overflows: a case study in Cincinnati, Ohio, ASCE Journal of Environmental Engineering, 131(3):375-386, 2005

Nilsson, K.A, S.G. Buchberger, and R.M. Clark: Simulating accidental exposures to deliberate intrusions in pipe networks, ASCE Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management 131(3):228-236, 2005.