Bahram M. Shahrooz

Bahram M. Shahrooz

Bahram M. Shahrooz

Bahram M. Shahrooz

Ph.D. 1987
University of California - Berkeley
Civil Engineering

Contact Information

Office: 798 Rhodes Hall

Phone: (513)-556-3677
Fax: (513)-556-2599


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Areas of Interest

Seismic analysis and design; Field and laboratory experimental and analytical study of  reinforced concrete and composite structural systems and components; Comprehensive evaluation of existing bridges through field and laboratory non-destructive and destructive testing and associate analytical studies; Applications of new materials such as high performance concrete and fiber reinforced composites in civil infrastructure; Linear and nonlinear (static and dynamic) finite element analysis; Dynamics of structures

Representative Publications

Shahrooz B.M., Reis J.M., Wells E.L., Milller R.A., Harries K.A., Russell H.G., “Flexural Members with High-Strength Reinforcement – Behavior and Code Implication,” Journal of Bridge Engineering, ASCE, (19)(5)(2014): 04014003_1–7.

Soltani A., Harries K.A., Shahrooz B.M., “Crack Opening Behavior of Concrete Reinforced with High Strength Reinforcing Steel,” International Journal of Concrete Structures and Materials, (7)(4)(2013): 253-264.

Bill H.L., Dolleman A.M., Miller M.L., Shahrooz B.M., “Evaluation of Continuous Transverse Reinforcement,” Concrete International, ACI, (35)(11)(2013): 49-55.

Harries K.A., Shahrooz B.M., Soltani A., “Flexural Crack Widths in Concrete Girders Reinforced with High-Strength Reinforcement,” Journal of Bridge Engineering, ASCE, (17)(5)(2012): 804-812.
Harries K.A., Zeno, G., Shahrooz B.M., “Toward an Improved Understanding of Shear Friction Behavior,” ACI Structural Journal, (109)(6)(2012): 835-844.

Soltani A., Harries K.A., Shahrooz B.M., Russell H.G., Miller R.A., “Fatigue Performance of High Strength Reinforcing Steel,” Journal of Bridge Engineering, ASCE, (17)(3)(2012): 454-461.

Shahrooz B. M., Miller R. A., Harries K. A., and Russell H. G.,  "Design of Concrete Structures Using High-Strength Steel Reinforcement," Transportation Research Board, NCHRP Report 679, 2011, Washington, DC, 72 pp.

Turer A., Shahrooz B.M., “Load Rating of Concrete-Deck-on-Steel-Stringer Bridges using Field Calibrated 2D-Grid Models,” Engineering Structures, 33(4)(2011): 1267-1276.

Cromwell J.R., Harries K.A., Shahrooz B.M., “Environmental Durability of Externally Bonded FRP Materials Intended for Repair of Concrete Structures,” Journal of Construction and Building Materials, (25)(5)(2011): 2528–2539.

Representative Past and Current Research Projects and Grants

COLLABORATIVE RESEARCH: Development of Innovative, Replaceable Coupling Beam Systems for Damage Mitigation in Coupled Core Walls, National Science Foundation

NEESR-II:  Behavior and Design of Cast-in-Place Anchors under Simulated Seismic Loading (NEES-Anchor), National Science Foundation

NCHRP Project Number 12-91: Strand Debonding for Pretensioned Girders, National Academy of Sciences

NCHRP Project Number 12-77: Structural Concrete Design with High-Strength Steel Reinforcement, National Academy of Sciences

Continuous Stirrups for Shear and Torsion Reinforcement in Beams, Charles Pankow Foundation, Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute, Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute

Testing and Health Monitoring of Bridge B-0070 on Eight Mile Road, Ohio Department of Transportation Co-funded by Hamilton County