Heng Wei

Heng Wei


Heng Wei

Ph.D., P.E., 1999
The University of Kansas
Civil Engineering with specialty in
Transportation Engineering & Systems

Contact Information

Office:  730 Engineering Research Center (ERC)


Phone:  (513)-556-3781
Fax:      (513)-556-2599

E-mail: heng.wei@uc.edu  


Personal home page (http://homepages.uc.edu/~weihg/)



Areas of Interest

Intelligent transportation systems (ITS), computing and communication technologies in transportation infrastructure systems, geographic information system (GIS) application, vehicle routing modeling and optimization, microscopic traffic simulation modeling, integrated transportation operation and mobile source emission factors, vehicle trajectory data extraction, ITS security and survival systems engineering, transportation systems performance, advanced technologies in highway safety and traffic control, traffic flow theory and characteristics, travel demand forecasting, artificial intelligent techniques in transportation, and Transport Telematics.

Selected Publications (* Heng Wei’s advised student)

Selected Research Projects and Grants

  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). “Development of AIR-SUSTAIN” (WA 1/2/3/4-45: Case Studies of Sustainable Water Resources and Infrastructure Adaptation to Climate and Socioeconomic Changes), Total of US$569,514, 09/30/2009 – 09/26/2015. PI: Heng Wei.
  • U.S. EPA, “Quantitative Risk Analysis with Focus on Transportation Emergency Evacuation Planning - Improve Community Preparedness in Massachusetts Costal Communities” (Task 1 - WA 4-11 & Task 2 - WA 0-11: Water and Community Case Adaptation Methods and Applications) (EP-C-15-010). (PI: Heng Wei), 05/01/15 – 09/29/16, $88,095.
  • Federal Highway Administration and Ohio Department of Transportation via OPREP Program. Traffic Data for Integrated Project-Level PM2.5 Conformity Analysis, US$319,796, 04/21/2012 –08/21/2014. PI: Heng Wei.
  • OPREP Program. Optimum Loop Placement That Balances Operational Efficiency and Dilemma Zone Protection, 08/13/2009 to 1/15/2011. US$78,060. PI: Heng Wei.
  • National Science Foundation (NSF). “Research Experience for Teachers (RET) Site on “Sustainable Engineering for Urban Needs: Research Experiences for Middle and High School Teachers” (Award No.: EEC-0808696). PI: Dr. Anant Kukreti; Co-PI: Dr. Heng Wei. 06/01/09 – 05/31/12. $500,000.
  • Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT), “Adaptive Video-based Vehicle Classification Technique for Monitoring Traffic”. PI: Heng Wei, 04/1/14 – 12/31/14. $40,000.