Michael T. Baseheart

michael baseheart

Michael T. Baseheart

Professor Emeritus
Ph.D. 1973
University of Cincinnati
Structural Engineering

Contact Information

E-mail : mike.baseheart@uc.edu
Office  : 765D Baldwin Hall
Phone : 513-556-3700 
Fax     : 513-556-2599

Areas of Interest

Dr. Baseheart's area of expertise is structural engineering. His research interests include Destructive and Nondestructive Testing, Computer Applications in Civil Engineering Education, Reinforced Concrete and Masonry Behavior, Structural Dynamics and Blast Loading Response, Civil Engineering History


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  • Baseheart, T.M., Miller, R.A., Bowers, M.T., Ioannides, A.M.Swanson, J.A., and Eckart, R.: "Teaching strength of Materials Using Web-based, Streaming Video, and Interactive Video Techniques", Proceedings of the 2002 ASEE Annual Conference, Montreal, Canada, (June 2002).
  • Shahrooz, Bahram M., Boy, Serpil, Baseheart, T.M., "Flexural Strengthening of Four 76-year Old T Beams with various FRP Systems - Testing and Analysis," ACI Structural Journal, Vol. 55, No.5, p.681-691, September-October 2002.
  • Ren, Wei-Xin, Harik, I.E., Blandford, George E., Lenett, M., Baseheart, T.M., “Roebling Suspension Bridge II Ambient Testing and Live-Load Response,” ASCE Journal of Bridge Engineering, Vol. 9, No. 2, p. 119-126, March/April, 2004
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  • Dimmerling, A., Miller, R., Castrodale, R., Mirmiran, A., Hastak, M and Baseheart, T. M., “Connections Between Simply Supported Concrete Beams Made Continuous – Results of NCHRP 12-53”, Trans. Res. Record, 1928, December 2005, pp. 126-133

Research Projects and Grants

  • Testing of 50-Year-Old Prestressed Bridge Beams (Co-P.I. with R. Miller), funded by Hamilton Co. Engineer's Office.
  • HPC Bridge Showcase (P.I. with R. Miller and B. Shahrooz), funded by FHWA (ODOT). (7/96 - 10/99)
  • Durability Evaluation of Externally Bonded Composites (Co-P.I. with B.Shahrooz), funded by FHWA (ODOT). 6/00 - 6/02
  • Instrumentation, Testing, and Monitoring of New RC Deck on Steel Girder Bridge (Co-P.I. with A. Helmicki, V. Hunt, and A. Kukreti) 4/00-10/02
  • Objective Condition Assessment of Deteriorated or Damaged Bridges (Co-P.I. with A. Helmicki, V. Hunt, and A. Kukreti) 1/01-12/02