Mousa Gargari

Moussa Gargari

Mousa Gargari

Ph.D., Building Structures, Concordia University

Teaching / Advising Areas: Civil, Structural and Construction Engineering.
Experience: Teaching and Consulting in Civil / Structural Engineering.


Contact Information

Office: 821B Old Chem

Phone: (513) 556-5342
Fax:  (513) 556-2599


Industry Consultant
Integration of CAD and Expert Systems for Quotation
Structural Design for Material Handling Industry; Rack and Mezzanine
Structural Design; Steel and Reinforced Concrete

Behavior Modification of Space Trusses
Design of Racks and Mezzanines
Use of Virtual Reality in Classroom
Alternative Teaching Methods

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (University of Tabriz)
Masters of Science in Structural Engineering (University of Illinois, Urbana)
Ph.D. in Structural Engineering (Concordia University, Montreal)