Dr. Schaefer

Professor Dale Schaefer retired from our faculty at the end of the fall semester.  Dr. Schaefer held his position at UC since 1997 and served in numerous roles including Director of the Polymer Research Center and Dean of the College. His research interests encompassed many areas of material science including corrosion inhibitors, protective coatings, membranes, porous materials, composites, polymers and carbon nanotubes. He is widely published and is the recipient of numerous awards and honors, including the Rensselaer Science Award and the Department of Energy Award for Outstanding Sustained Research.

Dr. Kukreti

Professor Anant Kukreti is planning his retirement for August of 2018. He has gained extensive administration experience throughout his years at UC and he served as Head of the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering from 2000-2006. His teaching and research expertise included experimental and finite element analysis of structural systems, behavior of steel connections, seismic analysis/design, small-scale modeling and testing, fracture mechanics, constitutive modeling, and development of authentic educational pedagogical STEM practices. In line with the last area of research, Dr. Kukreti has served as the PI and director of the Cincinnati Engineering Enhanced Math and Science (CEEMS) Program for the last seven years.

Dr. khang

Professor Soon-Jai Khang will be leaving active duty at UC in April of this year. He has been a professor of Chemical Engineering for 43 years and has also served the department and student body in the roles of both undergraduate and graduate program director.  Dr. Khang’s areas of research included chemical reaction engineering (including heterogeneous catalysis, catalytic membrane, deactivation, gas-solid reactions, three phase fluidization), chemical reaction with electrostatic precipitation and clean coal technology.

Dr. Kukreti

The Cincinnati Engineering Enhanced Math and Science (CEEMS) Program, funded by an NSF Math and Science Partnership (MSP) grant (DLR-1102990) for $9.2 Million, in which Dr. Anant Kukreti has served as the PI, will conclude this August. There are many accomplishments to report as an outcome of the (CEEMS) program which is now in its 7th and final year...