The Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering (ChEE) combines the faculty, the students, the curriculum and the research capabilities of the Chemical Engineering Program, and the Environmental Engineering and Environmental Science Programs.

This new department offers a unique, common first two-year curriculum for the undergraduates in these various programs through the integration of basic math, chemistry, physics, materials, transport phenomena, statistics and systems analysis, which also allows students to seamlessly transfer from one program to another if they so desire.

The courses and associated laboratories in the subsequent years are tailored to provide the core knowledge in each of the individual disciplines/programs, and a set of electives in the senior year allow for specialization in selected areas or exposure to a broad set of areas. The teaching programs gain from the diverse background of the faculty and reflect the interdisciplinary character of modern science and engineering.

The research capabilities of this department are eminently positioned to allow the faculty to focus their expertise and experience on helping to solve in an interdisciplinary way many of the grand challenges for engineering identified by the National Academy of Engineering. These include:

  • make solar energy economical
  • provide energy from fusion
  • develop next generation materials
  • develop carbon sequestration methods
  • manage the nitrogen cycle
  • provide access to clean water
  • develop carbon neutral fuels from biomass
  • restore and improve urban infrastructure
  • engineer the tools of scientific discovery