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The Environmental Engineering and Science program has a distinguished history of educating future academic and industry leaders, preparing students for professional practice and advancing fundamental and applied environmental research.  Through research we seek to addresses interactions between engineered and natural environments by providing sustainable solutions for minimizing pollution and preserving resources.


From an early focus on controlling point sources of pollution, the field of Environmental Engineering and Science now addresses more subtle, challenging, and equally important threats to public health. 

  • Endocrine disrupting chemicals are present in water supplies.
  • Fine particles from fuel combustion lead to heart and lung disease.
  • Biological and chemical terrorism are a continuing threat to drinking water safety.
  • And more...

The Environmental Engineering and Science Program at UC encompasses the areas of air quality, environmental hydrology and water quality processes.  This broad scope provides students with unique opportunities to specialize in areas best suited to their backgrounds and research interests.


Modern Environmental Engineering research is a multidisciplinary pursuit which encompasses several fields essential and complimentary to an engineering intellectual core including physics, fluid mechanics, hydrology, biology, chemistry and ecology. As part of the Department of Biomedical, Chemical and Environmental Engineering, our faculty and students frequently collaborate with biomedical and chemical engineers to create sustainable environmental engineering solutions.  In our Environmental Engineering and Science program both undergraduates (frequently as part of an engineering co-op) and graduate students have the opportunity to perform cutting-edge research to address continuously evolving societal needs for efficient and effective, energy, water and air quality systems. This research serves as a vital connection to providing sustainable improvements in living standards for an ever increasing global urban population. 


Beyond the above specific research thrust areas, a new interdisciplinary research thrust area in sustainability has been established.  It contains collaborators within and outside the College of Engineering and Applied Science. It seeks to understand how urban infrastructure and environmental policies affect the long-term health and wealth of cities, and to apply this understanding for practical aims through the development of theoretical and analytical frameworks.

Such theoretical and analytical frameworks are only discovered and tested through sustained multi-disciplinary research and education collaborations fostered by administrative support at all levels of the University of Cincinnati.

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