UC Engineering Research Center Clean Room for Micro/Nano Fabrication a central fabrication, processing, and characterization center intended to be used by a diverse campus wide research community.  The more than 8,000 ft2 facility includes areas of class 10, 100, 1000, and 10,000 clean room spaces. It includes lithography, metal and dielectric deposition, etching, oxidation, and optical and electrical characterization tools, some of which are featured above. 


Equipment Listing:

CNC machining:

Rapid Thermal Processing

Sputtering Systems

Thermal Processing

  • Blue M Oven
  • Linberg Horizontal Furnaces
  • Thermco Mini Brute Anneal Furnaces

Wafer Bonding

  • Suss SB6 Substrate Bonder
Wet Bench

Wet bench

Wet Chemical Processing

  • Chemical Fume Hoods
Mech-El Wire bonder

Mech-El Wire bonder

Wire Bonding

  • Mech-El Wire bonder

Supporting Facilities for the ERC Clean Room

The High Purity Nitrogen is provided by a Balston DB-10 N2 generation System. N2 is filtered from compressed air and is supplied to the ERC Clean Room Facility. It has adjustable purities based on flow rate from 95% to 99.99%.  The Additional supporting facilities include facility-wide 18 Megohm deionized water supplied by a water handling facility beneath the clean room; chilled water; HEPA filtered air-handling facilities; compressed air generation; and ample exhaust for further expansion.  The ERC Clean Room Machine Shop provides tooling support for equipment repair and modification.  The machine shop includes a lathe, drill press, vertical band saw, horizontal band saw, mill, and bead blaster.  The Chemical Storage and Gas Handling for the ERC Clean Room is comprised of a 400 sq ft chemical bunker, gas cylinder storage cabinets capable of housing 24 cylinders, and 4 chemical storage cabinets.