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Bruker ContourGT-K1 Optical Microscope

Bruker ContourGT-K1 3D Optical Microscope

Bruker ContourGT-K1 3D Optical Microscope

General Information

Equipment Name: Bruker ContourGT-K1 3D Optical Microscope

Location: 918B Rhodes Hall

Max Wafer Size: 6”


System Information

General Description: Utilizing white and green light interferometry, the ContourGT-K1 performs fast, three-dimensional surface measurements from nanometer-scale roughness through millimeter-scale steps, with sub-nanometer resolution. The combination of the easy measurement setup, fast data acquisition, 6-inch automated stage, and small footprint allow the ContourGT-K1 to deliver 3D surface metrology performance demanded by small research labs.


  • Phase Shift Interferometry and Vertical Shift Interferometry modes.
  • Six inch automated X-Y stage with manual tip tilt.
  • Stitching capability synthesizes thousands of individual datasets into one continuous image.
  • Sub-nanometer to10mm vertical measurement range.
  • A 640x480 high speed camera can capture 60fps.
  • Up to 28um/sec scan speeds.
  • A motorized turret can accommodate up to 5 interferometric objectives.
  • Objectives: 5X interferometric objective with a 9.36 mm working distance, 10X interferometric objective with a 7.4 mm working distance 50X interferometric objective with a 3.4 mm working distance, and a 10X TTM objective with a working distance of 8.5 – 9.5 mm.

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Equipment Use Fees

Internal $30/hour External $60/hour
Staff time: Internal $40/hour External $80/hour

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