Dymax 39060 UV Light-Curing Conveyor

Dymax 39060 UV Light-Curing Conveyor

Dymax 39060 UV Light-Curing Conveyor

General Information

Equipment Name: Dymax 39060 UV Light-Curing Conveyor

Location: 918B Rhodes Hall

Max Wafer Size: 6”


System Information

General Description: The Dymax UVCS series conveyors are designed for curing UV-light curable adhesives, resins, inks, and coatings. These 12” wide conveyors can be outfitted with up to four Dymax 5000-EC lamps or up to two, six-inch microwave lamps. They offer complete shielding from UV light and consistent curing times. The lamp options allow matching intensity requirements to keep operating costs to a minimum.  Our current system has one UV 5000-EC lamp and power supply.


  • Complete UV shielding.
  • Controlled and consistent cure times.
  • Can accepts parts up to 6”x36”.
  • 4”, 6”, or 10” vertical clearance available.
  • 12” belt width (guides available to channel parts into center 6”)
  • Maximum UVA Intensity (320-395 nm): 200 mW/ cm2
  • Maximum UVA Energy(320-395 nm) @ 5 fpm: 1.25 J/cm2
  • Line Speed: 1 to 27 fpm
  • Built-in exhaust fan and stack.
  • Integral vacuum hold-down and cooling system.
  • Accurate digital belt control and readout.
  • Adjustable lamp-to-belt distance.
  • Bench-top conveyor.
  • UV curing is used in a wide range of medical, electronic, industrial, aerospace, optical, automotive, packaging, and appliance applications.

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Equipment Use Fees

Internal $10/hour External $20/hour

Staff time: Internal: $40/hour External: $80/hour

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