EVG 620 Mask Aligner

EVG 620 Mask Aligner

EVG 620 Mask Aligner

General Information

Equipment Name: EVG 620 Mask Aligner

Location: 918B Rhodes Hall

Wafer Size: 2” - 6”

System Information

General Description: The EVG 620 is a full wafer photolithography aligner. Known for its high level of automation and reliability, the EVG 620 is designed for optical lithography and precision alignment up to 150 mm wafer sizes. An ultra-soft wedge compensation together with a computer controlled contact force between the mask and wafer ensures that both yield and mask lifetime are dramatically increased. The system safely handles thick, bowed or small diameter wafers. The EVG620 superior alignment stage design achieves highly accurate alignment and exposure results while maintaining high throughput.


  • Mask size: 5 inch and 7 inch
  • Wafer thickness:  0.1 – 10 mm
  • Range of alignment: X, Y ± 5mm and Theta ± 3°
  • Microscope movements are performed by fully motorized, actuated by analog 3 axis joystick and substrate movement is performed with high precision micrometers for X, Y, Theta axis resolution of 0.1μm
  • Alignment accuracy: 0.5μm for top side alignment (with 20x objectives)1μm for top to bottom side alignment (with ≥10x objectives)
  • Exposure modes: soft contact, hard contact, vacuum contact, and proximity contact (0 – 300 µm exposure gap)
  • Print resolution: Contact force: 2N: < 2μm 10N: 1 – 1.5μm, Hard contact: 300mbar: 0.8 – 1.5μm, Proximity: 5μm gap: 1 – 2.5μm, 10μm gap: 1.5 - 3μm. 15μm gap: 1.8 – 3.5μm, 30μm gap: 2.5 - 5μm, and Vacuum contact: 0.6μm
  • 350 mercury arc lap with a UV light uniformity of 100mm: ± 2%, 150mm: ± 3% for 365 nm and 405 nm wavelength
  • Dual high resolution B&W CCD cameras for alignment optics and split screen display. 


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Equipment Use Fees

Internal $10/hour External $30/hour

Staff time: Internal $40/hour External $80/hour

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EVG 620 Mask Aligner