March CS-1701 RIE


March CS-1701 RIE

General Information

Equipment Name: March CS-1701 RIE

Location: 364 ERC

Max Wafer Size: 6”

System Information

General Description: The March RIE is designed for advanced etching applications such as removal of interlayer films for failure analysis, de-encapsulation and dielectric material removal, etching of oxides, nitrides, polyimides, silicon, epoxy removal, and  photoresist stripping and descum.


  • An ENI supply provides 13.56 MHz RF at 600 Watts maximum power to the electrode with an automatic matching network.
  • Substrates are cooled with a Fisher Scientific Chiller ranging from -30 to 150°C.
  • Six process gases are SF6, CF4, CHF3, Ar, O2, and N2.
  • The plasma chamber is configured with a 6” powered electrode to accommodate a wide range of wafer sizes, piece parts, IC packages and other components.

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Equipment Use Fees

Internal $30/hour External $60/hour
Staff time: $80/hour

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