Nanometrics 210XP

Nanometrics 210XP

Nanometrics 210XP

General Information

Equipment Name: Nanometrics 210XP

Location: 361 ERC

Max Wafer Size: 6”


System Information

General Description: The 210XP employs the principle of optical interferometry to measure film thickness.  White light is reflected from the film substrate system passes through an entrance aperture and is reflected again from a diffraction grating.  The grating disperses the white light into its component wavelengths over a range of 390 nm to 800 nm.  The 210XP includes a linear wavelength display, a photo intensity display and the spectrophotometer head is mounted on a custom microscope with vertical reflected light illumination.  It offers fast measurements, a broad thickness range, precise thickness values, comprehensive statistics programs, and relative reflectance. 


  • Film Types: thin and thick oxides on Si, thin and thick nitrides on Si, negative or positive resist on Si and oxide, positive resists on oxide and Si, polysilicon on oxide, and polyimide on Si
  • Thickness measurement range: less than 100 Å  to 1,000,000 Å
  • Objective range: 5X, 10X, and 50X
  • Spot sizes:  70 µm with 5X objective, 35 µm with 10X objective, and 7 µm with 50X objective
  • Reproducibility: ±2% to ±4%
  • Typical measurement time: 15 seconds


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Equipment Use Fees

Internal $30/hour External $60/hour

Staff time: Internal: $40/hour External: $80/hour

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