Parylene Coater PDS2010


Specialty Coating PDS2010

General Information

Equipment Name: Specialty Coating PDS 2010 Parylene Coater

Location: 918B Rhodes Hall

Max Wafer Size: 6”


System Information

General Description: The PDS 2010 will apply Parylene conformal coating to a variety of surfaces. The thin, transparent polymer coating conforms precisely to the substrate shape, is pinhole free, has high dielectric strength, exceptionally high surface and volume resistivity, and resists moisture, acids, alkalis, petroleum products and solvents.

Parylene can be used to protect electronic circuits and components, medical devices and implantables and coat optical surfaces.


  • Parylene C
  • Parylene N
  • Parylene D
  • Liquid Nitrogen Cold Trap

Acceptable substrate materials are metal, glass, paper, resin, plastics, textiles, ceramic, ferrite, and silicon.

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Equipment Use Fees

Internal $30/run External $60/run
Staff time: $80/hour

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