Rudolph Auto EL III Ellipsometer

Rudolph Auto EL III Ellipsometer

Rudolph Auto EL III Ellipsometer

General Information

Equipment Name: Rudolph Auto EL III Ellipsometer

Location: 361 ERC

Max Wafer Size: 6”


System Information

General Description: The Auto EL III Ellipsometer provides a non-destructive method of measuring the index of refraction and film thickness of a dielectric film on a reflecting substrate. It is a highly accurate and repeatable measurement. Ellipsometry involves illuminating the surface of a sample with a monochromatic laser light having a known and controllable state of polarization and analyzing the polarization state of the reflected light. The Auto EL III is designed to provide precision film thickness measurements with simplicity of use. Internal data reduction software offers the convenience of automatically transforming delta and psi into the physical properties of thickness and refractive index.


  • Operating Wavelength: 632.8nm
  • Light Source: HeNe Laser
  • Resolution and Accuracy: Polarizer or analyzer 0.05º, Delta 0.1º and Psi 0.05º
  • Angle of Incidence: 70º±0.02º
  • Measuring Time (No calculations): Typical 17 seconds Maximum 50 seconds 
  • Thickness Range: 10Å to 3.0µ 
  • Repeatability: 1% 
  • Accuracy: ±3Å (Compared to NIST wafers), ±0.005 (Refractive index)
  • Film Thickness Applications: Si02 /Si, Si3N4 /Si, resist/Si, Si3N4/Si02/Si, resist/Si02/Si, Polysilicon/Si02 Si, thin metal films, organic films, GaAs, and dielectrics/Si


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Equipment Use Fees

Internal $30/hour External $60/hour
Staff time: Internal $40/hour External $80/hour

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