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Yasui Seiki Tabletop Mini-Labo™ Coater

Yasui Seiki Tabletop Mini-Labo™ Coater

Yasui Seiki Tabletop Mini-Labo™ Coater

General Information

Equipment Name: Yasui Seiki Tabletop Mini-Labo™ Coater

Location: 918B Rhodes Hall

Standard Coating Width: 80 mm


System Information

General Description: This versatile bench-top test coating machine provides high quality coated web samples using the Microgravure method with a trailing blade.


  • Wet Coating Thickness: 1μ to 40μ, Dry Thickness:  70 Å (0.007μ) to 40 μ.
  • Web: Thin (1.6 μ) PET to 7 mil (175 μ) thickness PET, paper, cloth, plastic webs, foils 5μ to 125μ thick, up to 140 mm width.  Maximum roll OD 200 mm.
  • Cores: 3 inch standard cores, paper, plastic or metal, core length up to 150 mm.
  • Coating: Standard width 80 mm.  
  • Coating method: Yasui Seiki patented “Microgravure™” – Direct/Reverse/Kiss/Gravure method with trailing doctor blade.
  • Web Speed: 0.2 to 2 m/min standard, optional speeds up to 1 to 10 m/min.
  • Unwind/coating web tension and winding web tension adjustable.
  • Dryer Temp: 160 + degree C (Hot Air Dryer).
  • Photo Resist/Photo Mask layers, as thin as 0.05 microns
  • PSA and Thermal adhesive layers, as thin as .5 microns (thinner possible).
  • Coating onto clear/conductive layers, ie: ITO without scratches.
  • Insulating layers, multi-layer circuit boards, and laminations.
  • Diffusion screens for backlight LCD displays.
  • Various layers for LCD and OLED displays.
  • Silicone Release and other release polymer films.
  • Anti-static, other clear conductive polymer layers.
  • Analog and digital magnetic tapes for audio, video tapes, and computer data storage.
  • Hard coat for touch screen displays.
  • Hot stamping foils for LCD pixels.


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Equipment Use Fees

Internal $10/hour External $20/hour

Staff time: Internal: $40/hour External: $80/hour

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