Denton DV-502

Denton DV-502

Denton DV-502

General Information

Equipment Name: Denton DV-502A Multicoater

Location: 358 ERC

Max Wafer Size: 4”


System Information

General Description: The Denton 502A is multicoater capable of thermal evaporation, e-beam evaporation, and DC sputtering. It can handle a wide variety of materials for evaporations required in various metalizing, optical coating and other applications.


  • 12" x 18" Pyrex bell jar with guard
  • 12 cfm mechanical pump
  • 400 lps turbo pump
  • Inverted stage rotation
  • Full range gauge
  • 2 KVA evaporation with filament holders
  • Denton DSM-300 300 watt DC supply for 4” sputter targets
  • Denton Vacuum DEG-2 minigun power supply for e-beam evaporation
  • Sycan STM-100 thickness monitoring system


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Equipment Use Fees

Internal: $30/run plus material costs (most metals = $3/100Å and gold = $25/100Å)

External: $60/run plus material costs (most metals = $6/100Å and gold = $30/100Å)

Staff time: $80/hour

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