Prof Dan Humpert

Prof Dan Humpert

Professor Humpert is an Associate Professor in the School of Dynamic Systems within the College of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of Cincinnati. He is currently the Education Director for the Center for Robotics Research and the Director for the Collaboratory for Medical Innovation and Implementation.  His major research area is the Lynn Proposal—a project to assist the elderly to stay in their homes.  This is envisioned as a multi-agent system that would seamlessly control all facets of the home to improve the quality of life, to ensure health and safety, and to deliver necessary medication and nutrition.  This project would be a cost-effective solution to the impending crisis of the Baby Boom generation not having enough in-home health care providers or nursing home beds.

Professor Humpert attended the University of Illinois where he received his Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering.  He attended the University of Cincinnati where he received his Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering.  He was the Program Coordinator for the Automation Software (Robotics) Associate Degree in University College.  In 1992, he became a University College Administrator serving for eight years as both an Assistant Dean and Acting Associate Dean. 

For eight years, Professor Humpert was the Senior Design Coordinator for the Information Technology Program in the College of Applied Science.  His students won numerous best project awards at Tech Expo at the Duke Energy Center.  In September, 2010, he became the Education Director for the Center for Robotics Research.

Professor Humpert is active in service within the community and the university.  He is a past, Kenton County, KY, Commissioner.  He has had leadership positions on the Boards of the National Association of Regional Councils, Salvation Army, Northern Kentucky Area Development District, Northern Kentucky Heritage League, and other local service organizations and university committees.

Professor Humpert recently established and funded the Joseph H. Humpert Scholarship Fund for continuing students with excellence in service to the Robotics Team.