CEAS IT Resources

Technical Assistance

For technical assistance, the most effective way to contact OCC for computing help will be to send an email to CEAS-USERHELP@listserv.uc.edu.  Emails will be directed to the appropriate CEAS IT staff person to assist you.

Accessing UC and CEAS IT Resources

  • Connecting to UC Network - Instructions on how to connect to UC’s network can be found from the following UCit connectivity site.
    • Off Campus Access - ONLY connect to UC’s network through VPN when necessary.  Using VPN significantly reduces network performance in order to gain the encryption security for systems that require it.  The table below shows which systems need /do not need VPN.
    • If you are using a public wireless network, you should use VPN for all system access


In working with Mathworks during these unprecedented times, we are pleased to be able to offer a special temporary license for MATLAB and Simulink through June 30, 2020.  All faculty, researchers, and students are eligible to download and install these products on their personally-owned computers or on university-issued computers.  In addition, you will have browser access using MATLAB Online and MATLAB Drive. 

Access instructions:

  1. Go to University of Cincinnati’s MATLAB Portal to see a list of available products and get started. 
  2. Click “Sign in to get started” under the Get MATLAB section. 
  3. You will be asked to create a MathWorks Account.  You will need to use your UC email account.  Once you do that, you will be linked to our MATLAB license and will be able to:
  • Download and activate software on your personal computer
  • Start using MATLAB Online from a web browser

Mathworks is here to help. If you have trouble installing MATLAB, go to the MATLAB Portal and click “Need Installation Help” to get support. 

Please note that commercial use of MathWorks products is not covered by our Campus-Wide License, so if you are using a commercial license, please continue to do so. 

Other Software on Personal Devices

Visit the OCC Software Site for information on regularly available software for personal devices.

VPN Requirements

Applications that need VPN


Requires VPN Connection?

Office365 Applications (includes email)
Outlook Client
Outlook Web Access
















Virtual Labs

No, access https://MyDesk.uc.edu



Success Factors

No, go to http://www.uc.edu/hr/tools/successfactors



Remote Desktop


Personal and Departmental Share Drives




  • On Campus Access - Use UC_Secure or hard wired network port if connecting from On Campus

CEAS OCC Computer Labs

  • A list of OCC Computer Labs can be found here.
  • CEAS Faculty and Staff will be provided physical access into these labs
  • CEAS Students will not have physical access to these labs. Students can remote desktop into the OCC Computer Workstations. Instructions and access. 
    • If you happen to remote into a lab machine where someone is already logged in, please do not attempt to cancel their session; The remote access site provides a way to request another machine
    • Please remember to Sign Out from your connection when done, as opposed to clicking the “X” at the top of the screen or selecting Disconnect; This ensures the desktop is freed up for others to use
  • Running Simulations on an OCC Lab Computer – Submit your request to run a simulation to CEAS-USERHELP@listserv.uc.edu.  If it is not submitted, your session will be terminated at 4:00AM