Forwarding Calls and Voicemails

If you do not have call forwarding on, you can check voicemail from anywhere.  Call into 556-MAIL, and follow the prompts to get into your phone line options.

Set Call Forwarding from Off-Campus

If you are OFF campus and need to set Call Forwarding On or Off, you can submit a UCIT Helpdesk Ticket, and they will be able to make the change on your behalf.  The ticket should include your UC phone extension and the destination phone number (cell phone or home land line).  

For UC Office Phones that have the Call Forwarding Button on the Phone and You Can Forward to a Local Number

A good portion of the office phones have a button labeled “CFWD”.  You can press this button to forward all calls. When you no longer want calls forwarded, you just press it again and it cancels it.

For UC Office Phones that DO NOT have the Call Forwarding Button on the Phone and You Can Forward to a Local Number

From your campus telephone:

To Forward your UC Phone Number using the Call Forward button (CFWD) or dial the code, *3: 

  1. Lift Handset
  2. Dial *3
  3. Hear confirmation tone
  4. Dial number where calls are to be forwarded: local number  9 + local number (9-XXX-XXXX) 
  5. Hear confirmation tone
  6. Line is forwarded – hang up handset
  7. Place a test call to your UC phone number to confirm the forward is completing correctly.

To Cancel Call Forwarding

  1. Lift Handset
  2. Dial *3
  3. Hear confirmation tone
  4. Call forwarding is cancelled –hang up handset

Note:  Call Forwarding your campus phone line to another telephone will bypass the function of the campus voice mail system answering your call.

Google Voice to Forward Calls to a Long Distance Number

Where Need to Forward to a Long Distance Number, you can use Google Voice Number and forward it.  Use the following instructions:

Sign up for Voice and get your number

  1. On your computer, go to
  2. Sign in to your Google Account.
  3. After reviewing the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, tap Continue.
  4. Search the 513 area code for a number.
  5. Next to the number you want, click Select. Follow the instructions.

Forwarding Calls from Voice to your Cell Phone:

  1. Log into your Google Voice account.
  2. Select the cog icon to access Settings in the top right of the screen.
  3. Select Linked Numbers and add the number.
  4. Select Send code.
  5. Repeat the code Google provides on the forwarded phone to verify the connection.
  6. Make the box next to ‘Forward calls to’ is checked.

Then, use the guide above to forward calls from your office phone to the local Google voice number, which forwards to your out of state cell phone.

Forwarding Voicemails to Email (also an option for people who have office phones without Call Forward capability)

To submit an order to have voicemail forwarded to email accounts, a GetIT request must be used.

  1. Log into GetIT from UCIT’s main website:
  2. Select Miscellaneous, then Miscellaneous Order from the left navigation menu.
  3. From the order page, select Add Miscellaneous and add to shopping cart.
  4. Fill in order information, and include all phone numbers to update with email integration within the Comments field.
    1. Departments should assign their Business Administrator/Manager as the approver. Administration should assign Wendy Eilerman as the approver.
  5. The GetIT Approver should use GL Code 531423 (Network Bundled Rate) in order to reduce costs to $0.00.