Environmental Engineering


Consider the UC College of Engineering and Applied Science! Our curriculum allows you to take the first 2 years to lay the foundation and explore engineering opportunities if you are undecided. After that you can finish off your education with a top-notch classes focused on your interests.

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The Environmental Engineering Program provides undergraduate students with the background necessary to bridge the gap between understanding challenging societal problems in the air, water, land, and subsurface environments, and preventing and solving them in a sustainable manner. The curriculum is founded on a sound footing in basic sciences and mathematics, and strengthened with engineering fudnamentals. Upper-level coursework in environmental engineering includes analysis and design of water and waste water treatment systems, water resources, air pollution control technologies, solid waste and hazardous substance management and regulations, and sustainability.


The discipline of environmental engineering is in constant flux due to the manner in which human society and economy have interacted with the natural environment since the industrial revolution. Students in our program are introduced to the tools of green engineering design as they are being developed on the cutting-edge of sustainability research, and they may choose to explore these strategies in more depth as one of the focus areas of the program.

All students in their senior year participate in a capstone-design experience that fosters interaction and communication between different stakeholders while applying environmental engineering principles to a field problem.

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